Chiefs Win First Age Discrimination Lawsuit


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have emerged victorious in the first of two age discrimination lawsuits being brought against the team.

The first suit was brought by former maintenance manager Steve Cox. Cox was fired during Scott Pioli’s tenure as general manager of the team. While Cox maintained that he was fired because of his age, the Chiefs maintained that he was let go for giving an employee a raise without permission. Cox argued that he never had to ask permission to do so before.

Cox was later replaced by a younger gentleman.

Pioli testified in the trial a few weeks ago.


"“It was more about having pride in the workplace and pride in your job and pride in general and respect for the people you work with and for,” Pioli said, answering questions about a candy wrapper he found on the stairs.Pioli sat as attorneys for Cox combed through dozens of emails, exposing intense requests that often had to be handled by former maintenance manager Steve Cox. The tasks ranged from doors that slam too hard to a ball of hair found on the floor.Despite these emails, Pioli claimed he stayed out of the business side of the Chiefs."

Another former employee, Brenda Sniezek, is also suing the team for age discrimination but her trial has yet to begin.