Alex Smith: A Fit For The Chiefs?


John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

You knew we’d get here eventually.

Most of the talk (rightfully so) on AA recently has been about the NFL Draft and QB Geno Smith.

Well, now it is time to consider the other Smith.


I won’t bore you with stats. You know Smith’s story. He was underwhelming a starter for years in San Fran before Jim Harbaugh arrived. Smith faced a similar situation to Chiefs QB Matt Cassel in that he never had stability at offensive coordinator and he wasn’t playing for a very good team. Harbaugh got the best out of Smith but even then, the 49ers coach benched Smith when he was playing well, in favor of a more talented but inexperienced QB.

Now Smith is the odd man out in Cali.

So should the Chiefs go after him?

I am not so sure. The Chiefs do need a veteran QB but in many ways Smith’s play and his stat line, remind me of  Matt Cassel. I am not so sure, that even with QB guru Andy Reid coaching him up, that Smith would put the Chiefs any closer to a championship.

The argument for Smith is that he may have more tools than Cassel and that he could be a one-year rental to hold the QB position down until Reid is able to coach up his own franchise QB. In a sense, Smith would be expected to go through the same think in Kansas City as he did in San Francisco.

Then again, if Smith is playing as well for the Chiefs as he was during his last season in San Fran, I am not sure how many coaches would have the guts to bench him, as Harbaugh did.

What do you think Addicts? Is going after Alex Smith a mistake?