Dwayne Bowe & Branden Albert: Keep Only One


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There is a good chance that either the Kansas City Chiefs will part ways with either WR Dwayne Bowe or LT Branden Albert in the coming weeks.

They could also part ways with both players.

Or neither.

Both Bowe and Albert will become free agents in March if the Chiefs don’t re-sign them. Both are hoping to get top dollar from the Chiefs or from some other team. If the Chiefs are willing to pay up, both players would likely return.

The good news is that the Chiefs can force one of them to stay. KC can use the franchise tag on Bowe one more time and Albert has never been franchised. Still, it would be more cost effective to re-sign both to long-term deals.

Since we don’t really have a good pulse on the new regime in KC, it is impossible to know if new GM John Dorsey values Bowe and Albert or not. With free agency just a little over a month away, however, we’ll find out soon enough.

The Chiefs will likely start dumping salary cap space in the coming weeks. High priced veterans that the team no longer values and doesn’t think it can trade away will be cut, especially if those players are due large bonuses soon.

KC could potentially dump both Tyson Jackson and Matt Cassel, thus freeing themselves of their salaries. If they do that, the Chiefs could probably find the money to keep both Bowe and Albert.

While we wait, I thought I’d pose a question to you all. If you were the Chiefs’ GM and you could only keep one, either Bowe or Albert, which one would you sign?

Please vote and let us know your reasoning in the comments.