Chiefs’ NFL Draft Needs 2013: 1st Edition


What a wild off-season so far for the Chiefs! Clark Hunt showed up in a big way, putting to rest a lot of talk about him. Agree or disagree with his moves, but we can no longer call him a cheap or disinterested owner. About though moves, though. The best move without a doubt is the hiring of John Dorsey. Along with Tom Gamble and Marc Ross, Dorsey was in the top tier of GM candidates. I am thrilled with his hire. He should do a good job stocking the Chiefs with talent. I like the Andy Reid hire. He has a great reputation as a developer of quarterbacks and running offenses in general. However, he hasn’t done well without a good defensive coordinator, like Jim Johnson. Bob Sutton as defensive coordinator doesn’t exactly thrill me, but I am willing to give Reid the benefit of doubt….. for now.

It’s easy to overreact to a bad situation. The last regime was extreme in one way, so we have to flip to being the opposite. However, I do like what I am hearing from the new staff. Gone are the days of one way. They have talked about developing schemes that fit the talent of the players. That, Addicts is a breath of fresh air.

Now that the dust has cleared a bit, I am going to go through in some detail the draft needs I have set over at DraftTek. Comments of course are appreciated. For the purposes of this analysis, we have to make some assumptions. I am assuming that Albert, Colquitt and Bowe are back and Glenn Dorsey is gone. Should that change, I will adjust the needs.

Primary need: QB

Readers who have read my work over the last few years remember that I hate to list a single need as the primary need. Instead, I prefer to group needs in tiers and select the best player available in that group. However, circumstances this year do not permit that approach. Anyone watching the Chiefs this year understands that quarterback play is the biggest problem on the Chiefs. It’s not even close to the other needs.

Secondary needs: WR (speed), SILB, CB, FS

Even if Bowe stays, the Chiefs need another wide receiver, preferably one that can stretch the field. Baldwin has been a huge disappointment and is on his last chance with the Chiefs. Strong inside linebacker can use an upgrade. Since that position is on the sidelines about 50% of the defensive snaps, I am not sure how much the Chiefs will invest here. If good value is sitting there in rounds two through five, you can see the Chiefs pulling the trigger. Cornerback is a round two to three need. The Chiefs never really filled the spot vacated by Brandon Carr. Free Safety is another secondary need. I like Kendrick Lewis, but he is hurt way too often.

Tertiary needs: TE, G/C, DE, WILB

As much as I like Tony Moeaki, he is another one who is hurt way too often. The Chiefs have some decent cheap options at DE, but bringing in competition is a good idea. The offensive line has little depth with Ryan Lilja retiring. Another guard/center is needed. Inside linebacker has little depth with the death of Jovan Belcher.

That is my first draft of the draft season. Free agent signings will change these needs. I suspect we will see the Chiefs pursue players from the Eagles and Packers, since those players are well known by Reid and Dorsey. It would not be shocking to see the Chiefs sign a backup vet QB, backup G/C, WR, SILB and RB.

OK Addicts, that’s my take. What is your needs list?