Conflicting Reports On Pioli’s Future


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As the Chiefs approach their final game this afternoon against the Denver Broncos, conflicting reports about the future of GM Scott Pioli continue to swirl.

Earlier we told you that Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that he is hearing Pioli will be given another chance. Later, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk posted something similar. 

But then, ESPN’s Adam Schefter came to the rescue and reported that the Chiefs are leaning toward firing Pioli.

As for head coach Romeo Crennel, there are multiple reports out there that he will be fired, likely as soon as tomorrow.

So what are we to make of the rumors about Pioli?

If I had to guess (and I do) I’d say nobody really has a good handle on what Clark Hunt is going to do, which is why we are seeing these conflicting reports.

Whatever Hunt decides, he needs to make up his mind quickly. There are going to be a lot of jobs opening and if Hunt wants a shot at the best GM and coaching candidates, he’ll need to move fast. If there is going to be a new GM, that person would be responsible for hiring the new head coach. With so many candidates about to flood the market, the advantage would go to the teams that already have GMs in place.

There are even reports that coaches that have yet to be fired are already assembling coaching staffs in preparation for their next move. Some have suggested that Eagles coach Andy Reid could have a new job as soon as tomorrow.

There is going to be an offseason feeding frenzy unlike anything we’ve seen in quite some time. If Clark Hunt isn’t prepared, he will be left with the scraps.