Chiefs Vs. Raiders: Final Injury Report


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs released their final injury report Friday ahead of Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

Here’s the damage:

Albert, BrandenTBackDNPDNPLPQuestionable
Asamoah, JonOLThumbFPFPLPQuestionable
Berry, EricDBHandFPFPFPProbable
Bowe, DwayneWRRibsOutOutOutOut
Elam, AbramDBQuadDNPDNPDNPDoubtful
Flowers, BrandonCBHamstringLPFPFPProbable
Gray, CyrusRBShoulder/NeckLPFPFPProbable
Hochstein, RussGBackDNPDNPDNPDoubtful
Johnson, DerrickLBHamstringLPFPFPProbable
Lewis, KendrickDBShoulderFPFPFPProbable
Lilja, RyanGKneeDNPDNPFPQuestionable

Today, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reported that the Chiefs have now ruled two more players out.

That makes three players that we know are out for sure. No Bowe and now no Elam or Houchstein.

That is three of tomorrow’s seven inactive players right there. I’d venture to guess that the Chiefs will also sit Stanzi, Eachus and Powe. The last inactive spot could be taken by Kendrick Lewis, should his shoulder not be healed enough for him to play. If Lewis can go, then we will probably see either Steve Breaston or Devon Wylie ride the pine.

Tune in tomorrow morning for all your game day coverage. We’ll have the full list of inactives 90 minutes before kickoff.