Brady Quinn Post Game Comments



Kansas City Chiefs QB Brady Quinn also addressed the media today following the team’s 27-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers. We wrote down some of his comments. This is not a complete transcript.

-I don’t think anyone ever imagines waking up the day before the game and getting informed that a player, a leader on your team has something so tragic happen like that.

-He was a hard worker. He was dedicated. He was passionate about football.

-Trying to understand the situation was tough.

-I think in moments, in tragedies like this, they can either define you or redefine you. I think this team was able to take an event like this and let it redefine us as a team.

-I walked in the locker room and I didn’t look towards his locker.

-It was tough to sit back and kind of gain focus.

-We just wanted to try to come together as a team and you know, try to bring some good to the situation. Bring glory to the situation wherever you can in this matter.

-We had a great game plan going into it. Coach Daboll and the offensive staff put together some things we felt really solid about.

-This game plan doesn’t work  without the offensive line blocking like they did in the run game.

-It was tough. I think it is an eerie feeling after a win because you don’t feel like you can win in this situation.

-Hopefully people can learn from this.

-Jovan was part of our family and we’re going to try to put together a fund.

-We want her to understand how much she’s loved. (On Belcher’s daughter)

-Right now I think there’s a lot of guys who are just trying to get through the rest of today.

-The emotions of what has taken place is going to hit home for a few guys over the next two days.