2012 Kansas City Chiefs: When Will The Firings Start?



The Kansas City Chiefs players and their clueless head coach sound defeated.

Can you blame them?

The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs are so bad that when they aren’t getting blown out by better teams, which is most every week by the way, they’re getting in their own way.

In short, if the opponent can’t beat the Chiefs, the Chiefs will beat the Chiefs.

After yesterday’s latest loss, head coach Romeo Crennel has the guts to say he thought his team played well.

“I thought our guys played a good football game,” Crennel told reporters.

I’m sorry, coach, while your players, at times, did some things well, scoring nine points is not playing well. Players jumping offsides in key moments, is not playing well.

And having your second-string running back try to throw a pass to your second-string QB on third down in the red zone , when you only need three yards and your first string running back’s name is Jamaal Charles, is terrible, terrible coaching.

If the head coach doesn’t have any answers, how can we expect the players to figure things out? Heck, SS Eric Berry is already talking about next season.

“A lot of people expect a lot of things out of life and they don’t go their way,” safety Eric Berry told the media. “This is a game. If you fight back in life, it’s easy to fight back in a game. Nobody’s dying or anything like that. It’s just a bad season. So we gotta finish this out strong and, I hate to say build for next year, but we need to build that momentum going into next year. It just is what it is.”


Not only does Berry’s quote show that the players are already checking out of the 2012 season, it also shows he doesn’t think what is happening in KC is that big of a deal. After all, “nobody’s dying or anything like that”.

No wonder these guys are getting curb-stomped by their opponents every week.

Yet after dropping to an NFL-worst 1-10, the only thing Chiefs fans have to look forward to is when the firings are going to start.

There is no longer any question that Crennel annd his coaching staff and likely GM Scott Pioli, have to go.

But when will they?

For most fans, it seems like the departure of everyone responsible for the dumpster fire that is the 2012 Chiefs season, can’t come soon enough.

So when will rock bottom hit for the Chiefs? When will things finally be so bad that Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt will start cleaning house? Will he force his fans to endure the rest of this terrible season with the three-ring circus of Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll running the show?

Or will he throw them a bone when they could most use a bone?

I’d argue that now is the time to make a move. Pioli fired former head coach Todd Haley when the team was 5-8 last season. Currently, Haley is looking like Vince Lombardi and the 5-8, Tyler Palko-led Chiefs are looking like the Joe Montana-led 49ers.

There is a chance Hunt could wait until the season ends to make changes. Still, if the heads don’t roll today, I think there are a few games this season that could force Hunt’s hand.

1. Monday, December 3rd

Carolina is 2-8 and will be coming to Arrowhead on Sunday. I pitiful performance, at home, against an equally pitiful team, could just be the final straw for the “3 Ring Circus.”

2. Monday December 10th

If the “Circus” somehow endures a loss to the Panthers or, heaven forbid, the team actually wins, then a road trip to Cleveland could be just what the doctor ordered if you are suffering from Pioli fever.

The 3-8 Browns actually look like a team on the rise. The Browns’ defense, in particular, can be problematic. Dropping to 1-12 against the Browns could make December 10th spring cleaning day at Arrowhead.

3. Monday, December 31st

If Pioli and co. somehow survive until the final game of the season then you’ve got to believe the GM is a goner come New Years Eve. Hunt may not even wait until the clock strikes midnight on the 30th to do the deed.

The day after the last day of the season is traditionally D-Day around the NFL. If Hunt is going to let the season play out then you have to believe that December 31st is the day.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. As the season nears its end there is a chance more and more of the KC players will check out and start looking toward the offseason. If you’re listening to Eric Berry then that process may have already begun.

If so, things could get even uglier in KC and that could force Clark Hunt to make a move even if he does want to wait until after the season.

What do you think, Addicts? On what date will the “3 Ring Circus” leave town for good?

Monday, December 3rd

Monday December 10th

Monday December 31st