Hell yes the Chiefs are bad. Worse than any team..."/> Hell yes the Chiefs are bad. Worse than any team..."/>

There Is Still Plenty To Be Thankful For In Kansas City!


Hell yes the Chiefs are bad. Worse than any team I can remember in recent history. Sure the Herm Edwards era was rotten. Yet even they could score in the red zone.

But I’d take a bad Kansas City Chiefs team over any other team that takes the field today. Your Arrowhead Adventurer says that with no hesitation.

Why? The list for me is a long one. Here are the ones I can think of today after a great Thanksgiving meal. I bet you can add some too.

1. We won the Superbowl. With one of the best NFL teams ever to take an NFL field. Over forty years later the team we pounded is still trying. Many of the players that contributed to that win played on the historic field of battle we call Arrowhead today. From the second row on some days when you close your eyes you can still see ’em.

2. We play in the greatest NFL stadium in the world. Period. No others compare.  Jerry Jones tried, but you know that place reminds me of the pyramid in Vegas. It’s nice but you just can’t beat the ones in Egypt no matter how much you spend. When Arrowhead was built, it was one of the largest NFL stadiums. Still is. Yet it was built in one of the smallest venues. Why? One reason. So you could afford a ticket to see a game if you wanted. We still have the cheapest season ticket in the league.

3. We have the best tailgating. Nobody has better. Period. I don’t even want to hear it. Modern stadiums have broken up parking lots all over the center of their cities. You might see a hibachi here and there. At Arrowhead you can literally walk through miles of an unbroken chain of the best smells, laughter, and music on any given Sunday in the world. On the worst day of the worst season there is no place on earth your Arrowhead Adventurer would want to be.

4. Our uniforms are the coolest. Simple cool. Red means war. Red means victory. Red means you better watch your ass no matter what your record. Or ours.

5. The fans are the best. No opposing fan needs to fear entry into the gates of Arrowhead. We are a welcoming lot even to the visiting team. We are happy people, and we keep things in perspective. It is only a game after all. And to each other, well to each other we are family.

6. Our team founder was the coolest owner ever. Lamar Hunt was the Howard Hughes of the NFL. He had more money than he knew what to do with, so he tried to find new ways to spend it. Like oh I don’t know, start a new football league. Or buy Alcatraz and make it into an amusement park (he tried this). Or a three bedroom condo right smack in the middle of Arrowhead, where the current Hunt family still resides sometimes today. Marty Schottenheimer said he had more respect and love for Lamar Hunt than any other man he knew. Including his own father. Wow.

7. The best food in the NFL is prepared on that parking lot. Or brought in. BBQ that has no match. Cased meats at Lambeau? Baked beans at a Patriots game? Seafood in Florida? Puhlease. Not even close.

That is seven. There are hundreds. You finish the list.

From your Arrowhead Adventurer and all the folks at Arrowhead Addict,  have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!