Happy Thanksgiving From Arrowhead Addict


Happy Thanksgiving, Addicts!

I am sure some of you noticed we had some site issues yesterday. We apologize for the interruption in your usually scheduled Chiefs coverage. FanSided ran into some wonky server issues and it took most of the day to get them sorted out.

The good news is that we’re back in business just in time for Turkey Day!

We’ll have some Chiefs posts for you throughout the day. AA is a good place to sneak away too when the kitchen gets to hot or when family members start to get on your nerves.

Let’s kick the day off with saying what we’re thankful for. That is what today is about after all.

I’m thankful for the thousands of readers that make Arrowhead Addict such a fun site to run.

I’m also thankful that there is no Chiefs game today. Don’t want those guys messing up my holiday.

What are you thankful for?