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Time To Start From Scratch In Kansas City


Hell is the absence of reason, they say. The Kansas City Chiefs are there, my friends.

I would not mind nearly as much as some bad years in KC. You lose every game, you KNOW you’re going to lose, you take your place at the front of the draft line, take your pick, and move on.

You don’t lose intentionally. True fans of the Kansas City Chiefs don’t want that. But the players, coaches, and management are so stinking bad that you give up for the season. And when you give up, well, sometimes when you give up, a certain freedom surges through your bones.

Not the best feeling mind you, but a better feeling than the Kansas City Chiefs fans face now.

I had no hope we would beat the Steelers this week. But for awhile I allowed myself to think we could.  And of course that feeling of hope was yanked cruelly from my grasp once again.

Remember the “Suck for Luck” chants last year? Well the Colts sucked alright, and they indeed wound up with Andrew Luck.

And it seems to be working for them.

Problem is the Colts have proven to the world that they can take a talented young quarterback and develop him into a historic performer.

The Kansas City Chiefs have never been able to pull that little trick off. And I am fairly certain we will not be able to pull it off in 2013.

Should we wind up with the worst record in the 2012 NFL season, we most certainly will use our pick for a promising young quarterback.

And sure as the day is long someone like Richard Seymour will send him to concussion land for good.

Say what you will about Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn.

But one thing you must give them is: it takes guts to line up behind the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line. Two Quarterbacks. Two Concussions.

The Kansas City Chiefs are broken, Addicts.

A fresh, young, talented quarterback won’t do a thing for our winning percentage unless we fix the rest of the machine first.

Until we scrap the whole program in Kansas City and start over, we are doomed to dance with the devil of inconsistency.

Clark, fire everybody and start over. Let the players who no longer want to be Kansas City Chiefs go.

Bring in players and coaches and managers who do.

It is time for a fresh start in Kansas City!