Chiefs: Black And Blow


Black it out and blow it up! That’s what I say.

Now, please don’t send the CIA to check up on whether or not I’m a threat to the country because when I say “blow it up” I’m talking about the Kansas City Chiefs front office, staff and a good deal of the roster.

By saying black it out, I am coming out in support of the “Paint It Black” movement afoot which is asking Chiefs fans to wear only black clothing this coming Sunday at Arrowhead to send a clear and present message to owner Clark Hunt.

And what is that message? If a black Sabbath doesn’t make that clear, then the group Black Sabbath does: “Day of judgement. God is calling.”

Time to stand before your maker: The Chiefs fans of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

You can say it should have happened four years ago but, it didn’t, so let’s move on. In fact, let’s move on from everything about the last four years.

Well, maybe not everything or everyone but, I’m ready to see a new GM, a new coach and a new QB ushered in, plus a list of other free agents and drafts picks to fill the hollow places in the heart of Chiefdom.

It raises the question: who do you want to stay? The Chiefs aren’t going to gut the roster completely. Honestly, I was a bit surprised that GM Scott Pioli and then head coach Todd Haley kept as many of the Chiefs from the previous roster as they did.

Glenn Dorsey is a good/bad example. When Scott Pioli arrived we were told, “we’re evaluating the personnel to see who will fit the new 3-4 scheme.” We could see that Tamba Hali was going to make the transition early but, Glenn Dorsey has always been playing out of position.

I can remember how excited Chiefs fans were (including moi) when the Chiefs drafted DT Dorsey five years ago. Dorsey was the obviously the best interior defensive lineman in that draft and was thought by many to be the best interior lineman to come out in years.

With Dorsey going to IR and out for the remainder of this year and the remainder of his contract, some are speculating he has played his last game in a Chiefs uniform. If all we got from the 2008, fifth pick in the draft was one year with Herm and four years out of place with Pioli, I’d have  to place Dorsey in the bust column. And… it’s not all his fault.

The Chiefs have had nearly as many problems over the years of drafting a top flight defensive tackle as they have had drafting a top flight QB.

Off the top of your head, real quick like, can you name me three plays in Dorsey’s five years that were memorable, where he flashed his fifth-pick-in-the-draft-skills? Really? Me either.

Some will cite that he and Jackson rated high this past year at stopping the run but, was that “really” all the Chiefs hoped he’d ever do? Stop the run?

Why didn’t the Chiefs trade Dorsey? Even if they only got a second-round choice for him, wouldn’t that have been better than what the Chiefs ultimately got for a top five selection?

So, who else won’t be here next season? Do you want Tyson Jackson mucking up the defensive front for another year? Well, some might want him to stay another year but, I’m guessing whoever is GMing and calling the roster shots, will not.

Succop and Colquitt appear to be safe. Jamaal Charles, Shaun Draughn, Jon Baldwin (for his potential) and Dexter McCluster look like clear-cut keepers.

The offensive line, while weak in pass protection, is good at plowing the road for the faster Chiefs runners who can hit the hole quickly. Peyton Hillis doesn’t fit that description and since he’s on a one year contract it’s a good bet he won’t be back especially since his Cleveland connections will likely get permanently unplugged by then (I hope).

Branden Albert, Jon Asamoah and Eric Winston appear to be pieces to build a solid line around. However, I’m hoping a new regime will not be satisfied with just building a “solid” line. The Chiefs need to be thinking about building a superior line. If that’s truly the goal then Albert should be moved inside to LG and the Chiefs should draft or sign a top flight LT. Injured center Rodney Hudson could fit the ticket but Ryan Lilja is not the answer if the Chiefs hope to get bigger, stronger and better along the OL.

At TE, Tony Moeaki can be magnificent but isn’t consistent. After three years, the jury is still out on Tony and that should tell you something. The something: ToMo is probably not the Chiefs TE of the future. The same goes for Kevin Boss.

It’s very difficult to evaluate the Chiefs WR corp until a good QB comes along. While I tend to buy into that idea, I have also frequently heard the following line, “It’s hard to evaluate the QB until a good offensive line comes along.” Maybe the QBs in KC have been bad because the WR corp as a whole has not been very good. One does affect the other. If Dwayne Bowe can be tied up another year the Chiefs should do it. That will give the organization a year to get a franchise QB in place. One that Bowe will want to play with, if at all possible.

If Bowe stays through the 2014 season and continues at his current pace he should become the Chiefs all time receiving yards leader. I’ve said this before and still believe, Dwayne Bowe is the Chiefs’ best receiver ever. And, he’d be great to build a strong corp around.

On defense, the DL will once again be the big if. The biggest of ifs will be whether or not the incoming management sticks with the 3-4 defense. If so then Dontari Poe, and Anthony Toribio should be the surefire keepers. Poe should stick because you have to see if he’s ever going to live up to your first-round investment. Toribio because he’s been solid when available.

I like what Ropati Pitoitua has shown at DE but who knows what incoming coaches will think since Pit hasn’t served as a first team starter yet in his career. Tyson Jackson and his over-inflated rookie contract may be expendable because his play certainly is. Jerrell Powe and Allen Bailey look to be developing support pieces but expect Shaun Smith to exit the building arm in arm with Romeo Crennel.

Jovan Belcher may have been the MLB DC Crennel liked but, it’s doubtful anyone else will. DJ, Hali and Houston will make KC’s LB corp solid for years to come but until a new top level MLB comes in, then the LB group won’t be special.

Brandon Flowers can flash but, isn’t flashy. No one else at corner is worth mentioning as “special.”

Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis are both very good and since Berry has already been to the Pro Bowl in his rookie year he’ll be given every chance to get back to his once high level of performance. However, depth at safety hasn’t existed in KC since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I was around when the Chiefs won their first Super Bowl. A team that had special players all over the field.

I was around when the Chiefs played Marty-ball and that group also had special players all over the field. The Dick Vermeil era also had special players but, only on the offensive side of the ball.

The 2012 Chiefs have a few special players. Please accept that as a reality. Until the Chiefs can acquire some more special players, they should blow it up.

To send the “Blow it Up” message loud and clear, let’s “Black it Out” on Sunday, by wearing only black.

Let’s make this Black Sabbath happen. Big time.

Let’s get this era, over.