Todd Haley Revenge Bowl: Will Pioli Be Fired By His Old Head Coach?



The Todd Haley Revenge Bowl is fast approaching and it appears the stakes could be significantly higher than we originally though.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has got to be getting a little but hot under the collar as the humiliating losses keep piling up. GM Scott Pioli has assembled a team that is bumbling its way into the history books. The Chiefs have failed to hold a lead this season, a feat no other NFL team has accomplished through as many games since the Pony Express was still delivering packages.

When the schedule came out, we all circled Monday the 12th, not just because it was a primetime game for our favorite team but because we knew the whole Haley vs. the Chiefs storyline would be compelling.

With Pioli’s job in clear jeopardy, the game becomes even more important. There is no telling what Hunt is thinking. He has been largely silent while his team descends into the depths of football hell.

Monday has the chance to be the final straw for Hunt. It is a nationally televised game. Monday Night Football. The whole world will get to see what a horrendous mess the 2012 Chiefs are. A loss will knock KC to a 1-8 record, effectively pulling the plug on their already critically injured season. If Haley is able to use the Pittsburgh offense to run up the score, thus adding to what will likely already be an embarrassing situation, he could force Hunt’s hand.

Clark strikes me as the kind of guy who would like to wait until the end of the season to fire Pioli. Whatever Hunt does, it is likely to be well thought out and planned. But with the evidence mounting against keeping Pioli, even for the rest of the season, we may see Hunt pull the plug.

After all the bad blood that supposedly passed between Haley and Pioli, you have to believe that Todd wants to stick it to his former boss. Like, really stick it to him.

If he does, it may be Haley who has the last laugh.