Crennel Disappointed Quinn Didn’t Report Concussion



Head coach Romeo Crennel was upset that quarterback Brady Quinn didn’t report his injury in the game against the Oakland Raiders.

Crennel said that players need to be forthright because the team wants to avoid further injury.

“We don’t expect them to be macho guys in that respect. If you’re injured, come tell us and then we’ll put somebody else in the game rather than risk your injury,” Crennel said. “There’s a thin line that we have to walk, that the players have to walk. But they have to understand there’s a phrase, an old phrase as it relates to football, about knowing the difference between pain and injury.”

Quinn has still not been cleared to practice after this concussion; it’s been almost two weeks since the hit. Matt Cassel will be the starter until further notice, with Ricky Stanzi being the backup.

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