Romeo Crennel Post-Game Quotes



Romeo Crennel took the podium following the latest stop on the team’s “Fan Embarrassment Tour.” I jotted down a few of his quotes as he tried to explain why the team he is in charge of running is so horrendously bad.

-It’s unfortunate because the guys are…I think they put a lot into it during the week.

-We didn’t get it done.

-We’ve got a short week, we play on Thursday. We’re gonna have to try to get the guys up mentally and physically to play the San Diego Chargers.

-They’re not going to cancel the game.

-We have a contingency plan (on the QB if both Cassel and Quinn had gone down) and we would have had somebody playing QB but I’d rather not say who it is right now because that would give our opponents an edge.

-If the other team is able to score, that puts you down.

-Now that I’m not exactly sure either. (On why Charles only got five carries.)

-I think we have good guys on the team. it think they try hard. We just don’t do enough of the things we need to do to win.