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The Kansas City Chiefs 7 and 9


The Kansas City Chiefs have announced that #7 Matt Cassel will be replaced by #9 Brady Quinn.

That kind of algorithmic permutation in the midst of a season can cause an unforgiving rift in the space-time continuum — or at least a major shift in the stars — and suddenly throw Mercury into retrograde! Or, some crap like that. So, if you’re at all a numerology freak or just like to dabble with numbers, let’s take a moment for some light-headed jousting (the Chiefs’ cosmos has been way too heavy of late) on the relationship, or lack thereof, between 7 and 9.

There are perfect numbers in life. In football there’s 6, 1, 7, 3, and 2. For example, 6 for a TD and 1 for an extra point and viola, you’ve got a Matt Cassel. As the Chiefs cross over from one QB to another, numerically speaking, there’s good reason to be giddy. The number 9 is three fields goals (God help us if  that’s where we’re headed)’ 2 is the difference between 7 and 9 and there can only be 1 starting QB. Using all the perfect football number spices on this BQ QB rotisserie has to be a good sign, right?

Plus, I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Chiefs brass have come to the decision to not have a QB competition because of the resulting controversy that always follows such dalliances.

$5,250,000 – the 7 digit number the Chiefs will be continuing to pay Matt Cassel while he is burning a hole on the bench.

$900,000 – that 9, plus all those zeros is the number of dollars that Eric Winston will be making, for the team whose fans he called out, while #9 Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel’s replacement, steps in. Eric, please, tape the pie hole. The fans of Kansas City, and its citizens at large, deserve much better than your quipping and snippy over-typification. Yes, this is the “Show-Me State but, please wait at least a year before showing us yours.

7 is the total number of seasons that Matt Cassel has played in the league (prior to 2012). 7 is enough, not 8.

9 is the total number of games Brady Quinn has started since the beginning of 2009.

“Seven-year-itch” = the tendency to become unfaithful to your starting QB after his 7th year in the league. Still, I’d like to encourage fans to remember they are setting an example for our youth. It can be ugly, at times, to see what we have actually taught our kids. BTW, this really is a picture of a Chiefs fan doing what you really think he’s doing.

On July, 9th (7/9) of 1997 (look at all those sevens and nines, must be karma), Mike Tyson was banned for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear off. I know what you’re thinking, like, deja-vu. I hope that helps to bring this whole post into focus.

“Cloud-9,” if BQ wins this Sunday, there’ll be a boatload of fans in the heartland drinking his “Love Potion # 9.”

Is there one TV character who brings the Chiefs grand transition into a unified all encompassing graphic culmination? That would be “7 of 9” of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame. Boy, if this number transition, going from Cassel’s #7 to Brady’s #9, packs the “uniform” wallop that Jeri Ryan brought to the Trek uni… Chiefs Nation will learn to do some “schwing-dancing”… live long and prosper!

7 was the total number of interceptions Brady Quinn threw during the one season he was a starter in Cleveland (2009).

9.5 is the number of giveaways Matt Cassel has averaged each year of his career — which might not sound that bad but, since he only threw 22 passes during three years in N.E. before he took over for Tom Brady in 2008, not so good.

The Greek word for seven (eJptav hepta) is used a total of nine times in the Bible book of Matthew. Sure changes the meaning of going Greek. If going biblical doesn’t impress you perhaps learning, right here for the first time ever, that crop circles were actually made by 7 aliens who just so happened to prefer, circles!

In the numerology system the # 9 is supposed to represent — completion, compassion, romance, selflessness, wisdom, idealism, spiritual healing, and, blending. Of course the all-seeing Bob Dylan wrote of this decades ago when he sang, “You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn.” Love That Bob! Still, decades later I’m wondering how you “not see nothing?”

7 is the number of years, in college and the pros, that Matt Cassel has not been a starter.

9 is the number of letters in the words, Notre Dame, the college that Brady Quinn attended.

A Tribute to the Number Seven, by Sesame Street. Somewhere in heaven, a committee meeting is convening to decide who will get to announce to Gov. Romney, when his big date at the pearly gates comes, that he’ll have to turn his Holy Underwear in for good. Personally, I hope Big Bird gets to notify him, now that he’s dead.

9 is the number of times, I’m pretty sure, that President Obama fell asleep during the first debate.

This commercial message was approved by those who don’t approve of either Mitt or Barack. Now back to Matt and Brady.

“Seven Pounds” the movie. Scenario: An aerospace engineer (Matt Cassel) with a fateful secret (but he can’t remember what it is right now) embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption (locating the truck that hit him, Haloti Ngata) by forever changing the lives of seven strangers (it’s his teammates, though he’s lost the ability to count, he’s pretty sure they are strangers because he never threw to them consistently enough to recall their names anyway).

7/9 is also mathematically expressed as .0777777777777. Enough of the 7s already. That’s what Crennel said in his presser, isn’t it? That’s also as good a reason we’re ever likely to hear for the change at QB at this particular time, which honestly, has been years in coming.

“9” the movie. Scenario: a rag doll (Brady Quinn) that awakens in a post-apocalyptic future (the 2012 season) holds the key to humanity’s salvation (the Chiefs season).

While 7 is considered by many to be a lucky number, 9 is the number of divinity (3 represents the godhead), times divinity (which is divinity times divinity or 3 for a field goal times 3 for each field goal).

On the divisional front, John Elway will likely hold down the title of the best #7 ever, but, Brady Quinn won’t have too very far to go to one day surpass the Raiders current #9 Carson Palmer.

The all-time best #9? I’d go with Drew Brees and Sonny Jurgensen filling in nicely in his absence. No matter how good the Chiefs’ current 7 or 9 ever become, the sum of their parts (7+9) will never surpass my personal all-time favorite #16, QB, Joe Montana. Joe was worth a million Quinns and Cassels.

In the end, it’s seems appropriate that the #9 ultimately takes over after the Week 7 bye.

I guess that makes this a  — #7 bye bye bye #7. Ah, full circle, completion and a palindrome to boot.

My parting shot, is a surefire meaningful misquote, of one of the all-time best number songs ever:

In the year 7979,

If Hunts are still alive,

If the KC Chiefs survive,

They may find…


For now,

9 is fine.