San Diego Cheaters: Chargers Being Investigated By NFL



According to a report from Fox Sports, the San Diego Chargers are being investigated by the NFL for using “stickum,” a sticky substance used to aid receivers in “catching” the football.

This, from Jay Glazer:

"“NFL Security has already begun investigation as SD equipment man was hiding illegal sticky substance and giving to players. Line judge saw it and had it confiscated and sent to Broncos and league.”"

This is bad, bad news for the Chargers. Players used to use stickum all the time back in the day. Everyone used it. Receivers, lineman. It was all over everything. They slathered on so much of the stuff, it was all over everything.

The NFL wisely banned such practices in 1981.

If the NFL finds the Chargers guilty, there will likely be some type of penalty, which could include the loss of draft picks depending on how serious the NFL considers the situation to be.