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KC Chiefs Endure Another Losing Sunday


The Kansas City Chiefs will lose again this weekend. It’s all in the math.

When the 1-4 Oakland Raiders host the 1-4 Jacksonville Jaguars, one of  those teams will most certainly end the day with a victory. If it’s the Raiders, then the Chiefs sink all the way to the bottom of the AFC West division all by themselves.

If Jacksonville wins, then there’s one less team lurking at the bottom of the league tied with the Chiefs.

The number of one-win teams tied with the Chiefs for the bottom feeder award could change dramatically this weekend. Obviously, one of the teams playing in Oakland this weekend is going to lose, but all of the other one-win teams could easily win, leaving the Chiefs tied for the worst record in the league.

The 1-4 Carolina Panthers host the 2-3 Dallas Cowboys. A radio announcer here in the Dallas area (who started the most popular sports talk station in this area) not only predicted that the Panthers will win that game but, admonished his listeners to put all the money they own, plus their children’s college fund, on the Panthers.

The Panthers are favored by two points in that game which just means there’s a better than 50 percent possibility that the Panthers will become a two-win team this weekend.

When the 1-4 New Orleans Saints travel to the 2-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there’s a good chance the Saints will win that one. Drew Brees is still Drew Brees the last time I checked and leads the league with 326 passing yards per game. The Bucs are 31st in passing defense and that’s a recipe for disaster no matter what you think of the Bucs offense and what the might be able to accomplish against the Saints D.

I feel comfortable calling the Saints a winner in Tampa but, then again, this is the NFL and that’s why we play the games.

When the 1-5 Cleveland Browns visit the 2-3 Indiana Colts there is also a good chance the Browns come away a winner. Rookie QB Andrew Luck is playing as advertised, which looks very good for the Colts future. However, they have lost three games this year to the Bears, the Jags and the Jets. On the other hand they have beaten the Packers and the Vikings who are both very good teams.

Depending where the Colts are at in their QBs rookie’s roller-coaster-ride season, the Browns could come away with a victory in Indy and gaining a second victory in as many weeks, having finally broken through against the Bengals last Sunday.

The Chiefs could solve some problems during their  bye week and actually get better on the field. However, even if all the teams with only one win, lose again this week, the Jacksonville-Raiders game guarantees that the Chiefs will get worse this weekend because there will be more teams in the league with better records. No matter what.

If the Chiefs and the Raiders become the only two teams with one win at the end of this weekend, then their Oct. 28th contest at Arrowhead will be for all the marbles.

Just not the marbles we dream about.