Sure, being a rotten team can have some advantag..."/> Sure, being a rotten team can have some advantag..."/>

Losing Is For Losers If No Clear Plan Is In Place In Kansas City!


Sure, being a rotten team can have some advantages. Game ticket prices plunge. Team gear goes on sale early at your local K-Mart. And the worst teams in the NFL generally get the first picks at the best college talent in the postseason draft.

And it’s all happening in Kansas City as usual, just a little bit earlier this year.

So we lose the rest of our games and finish last. Which means a first pick at some pretty slick college talent. So what?

We have no clear plan in place to do anything with the poor unfortunates that wind up in the red and gold uniform.

You see, when it comes to developing talent, the Kansas City Chiefs have the worst record in the history of the NFL  Ok, maybe not officially, but I feel pretty comfortable making that proclamation.

Especially when it comes to quarterbacks.

The Kansas City Chiefs have never drafted a quarterback that ever amounted to anything.


And with things the way they are today, we won’t be drafting any in the near future.

What do we need to do?

A complete overhaul, of course.

Clark Hunt stays. I like him, and he owns the place. So Clark can stay.

Fire Pioli. Today.

And let him take his ten foot by ten foot giant desk with him. We need to go old school here.

Romeo needs to go too. He has never been able to perform as a head coach, and he won’t ever.

Keep the lovable guy as defensive coordinator. He is the best in that position.

Get Charlie back as offensive coordinator. He is the best at that position. He may not want to come back. Court him. Pay him. Get him back.

Get rid of Matt, keep Brady as back up. Get Orton back until we can do something else.

If Dwayne Bowe wants to go, let him. I’m sick of his inconsistent crap.

Court, woo, and pay Cowher. Whatever he wants. Short on dough Mr. Hunt? Then sell your share of the Chicago Bulls, get out of soccer, and focus on the game your father loved, football. Give Cowher free reign.

Bring Marty back in some capacity. Like the vacancy created by Pioli’s departure.

And then… well, then you can send my my 2013 ticket renewal package.

I’ll even buy the red parking passes too.

And if we lose some games in the mean time, well, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet. But at least we will have a good plan in place. A plan that will allow us to develop a decent quarterback for a change.