Vote On Scott Pioli’s Fate


Kansas City Chiefs fans are angry and rightfully so.

But anger isn’t going to fix the mess that is the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs. Only action will do that.

Unfortunately, other than flying banners and making signs, there isn’t a whole lot fans can do to help their favorite team get its act together. Still, allowing our voices to be heard can’t be a bad thing.

The most vocal of Chiefs fans seem to want Pioli out immediately. Having run this site for a number of years now, I can tell you that you hear more from people that are unhappy than you do from those who are pleased with the job you are doing. That doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there that enjoy the site. Quite to the contrary, actually. It just seems that people are more motivated to speak out when they are angry or disagree than when they are happy.

I thought it would be fun to get a poll going to see just where Chiefs Nation stands on Scott Pioli.

So let us know what you think? Should Pioli be canned immediately? Or should he be given more time?