Clark Hunt Releases Statement In Support Of Fans



Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has stepped forward to defend the fans who fill his stadium eight Sundays every fall.

The heat at Arrowhead got turned up today when the national media descended on KC to cover head coach Romeo Crennel’s press conference. Not surprisingly, Crennel decided today was the day (not Monday, mind you) to back up the fans of Kansas City.

Later, Hunt did the same.

Here it is:

"Over the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about our fans, and I feel like it’s important to set the record straight.I know our fans. They are passionate, hardworking, loyal, educated football fans, and they are the heart and soul of the Arrowhead experience. They know cheering an injury to anyone in any stadium is unacceptable.I want to make it perfectly clear:A small few who may have cheered when Matt went down do not accurately represent the best fans in the National Football League. Period."

Is there any doubt that there was a meeting about this today?

Gee, I wonder if he read this?