Chiefs Fall To Ravens: Earning Their Arrowheads



It was another loss Sunday for the Kansas City Chiefs. In a day stained by inappropriate fan and player behavior, it may have gone unnoticed that some players had a pretty good day playing football.

Let’s take alook at the players we feel earned their Arrowheads on Sunday.

Ryan Succop:

He was the only Chief to score any points.

Brady Quinn:

He didn’t get the chance to do too much but he came out and connected on all three of his passes. He would have given the Chiefs the lead if not for a penalty.

Jamaal Charles

Charles was terrific but it was obvious that the Ravens caught on in the second half. That isn’t on Charles. With no passing game to keep the defense off balance, Baltimore adjusted and shut the RB down. Plus, he was probably tired.

We all want Charles to get his touches but we also don’t want to get him killed.

Dwayne Bowe:

Bowe caught six balls for 60 yards, which given the game plan, is remarkable.

Tamba Hali:

Welcome back, Tamba. Hali had two sacks and three QB hits. He also led the team in tackles with six.

Justin Houston:

Two more sacks for Mr. Houston, bringing his total to six on the year. It looks like he and Hali are beginning to get in synch and that could be bad news for opposing QBs. Houston is currently tied for third in the NFL in sacks.

Brandon Flowers:

He’s quietly having a terrific season. So far this season Flowers has been targeted 22 times and has allowed only 11 receptions. QBs throwing at him have a QB rating of 52.5.

Derrick Johnson:

He has a solid game, including a strong day against the run.

Abram Elam:

According to Pro Football Focus, Elam had a nice day in pass coverage.

Dontari Poe:

Poe seems to be improving slowly. He was credited with one tackle and two QB pressures. Not bad, big fella. keep it coming.

Ryan Lilja, Eric Winston and Jon Asamoah:

All three of these guys had great days in run D.

All right, Addicts. Those are the players we feel earned their arrowheads. Did we miss anyone?