Larry Johnson: Former Chief Still A Scumbag



Former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson is still a scumbag.

Old 2.7* was arrested in Las Vegas this weekend after allegedly strangling an ex-girlfriend to unconsciousness before leaving her lying in the hallway of a hotel, in her underwear.

*as in 2.7 yards per-carry late in his career.

LJ was arrested at the Bellagio. According to reports, he had marks on his face and the woman had marks on her neck.

Most unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Johnson has been involved in violence against women. He has been arrested for past incidents, one in which he allegedly threw a woman to the ground and another that saw him spit a drink in a women’s face before threatening to kill her boyfriend.

This incident, however, is more horrifying than all the rest.

Take this bit, courtesy of

"The arresting officer said Johnson and the woman each told him about previous physical altercations, including one at another Las Vegas Strip hotel. Johnson at one point pretended to run from hotel security officers and told one security officer he would rip his vocal chords out, the police report said."

Not only is it time for the law to lock Johnson up and throw away the key, it is time for Kansas City Chiefs fans to throw away their Larry Johnson jerseys.

I know some of those jersey’s were expensive but walking around in a jersey with the name of a violent woman beater isn’t worth parting with an investment you made years ago. You could also take a piece of paper, tape it over the “Johnson” on the back and write “Elam,” as Chiefs safety Abram Elam now wears #27.

Let’s take a stand against violence and crappy football by burning our Larry Johnson jerseys. What do you say, KC?