Well, surprise, surprise! The Kansas City Chiefs ..."/> Well, surprise, surprise! The Kansas City Chiefs ..."/>

New Season, New Coach, Same Old Results For The KC Chiefs!


Well, surprise, surprise! The Kansas City Chiefs come off of a heroic win in a foreign land only to fall flat on their home turf, good old Arrowhead Stadium.

I expressed doubts about the Chargers’ visit  in my last post. Those doubts were realized Sunday.

Empty seats, crowd malaise, confusion on the field and in the stands!

The “dad” from “What’s Happening?” came on the jumbotron and told us all to “stand up!”. When we did, the event staff told us to “sit down!”. That pretty much sums up the status of the Kansas City Chiefs. The right hand has no idea what the left is doing.

Clearly changes need to be made at One Arrowhead Drive.

What changes? How the hell would I know?

But if you need a tip on how to park in the red parking zone with a general admission parking ticket, I’m your guy.

Still, were the team in my hands, I would have to start with Matt Cassel.

I give Matt all the credit in the world for pulling our team out of a deep dark hole.

Before Matt, we played musical quarterbacks with a couple of losers named Croyle and Huard that could not be depended upon to finish a game without being carried off the field.

Matt appeared, and soon we had a division title.

Well, who gives a crap?

The NFL is all about what a player can do for us today, not what a player did for us.

And Matt Cassel isn’t doing it for us anymore.

But who can we get?

You tell me.

But I do know this: Matt Cassel is not the future of Kansas City.

It has not been that long ago that the guy currently playing second fiddle to the Golden Boy Matt Cassel had the honor of appearing on a website titled www.bradyquinntokansascity.com or something to that effect.

And Kyle Orton, who brought us one of the most memorable wins in recent memory over the Packers, was promptly shipped off to Dallas.

But that isn’t all.

Too many dropped passes! Too many penalties!

The defense looks stiffer than the vending machine nachos that have now replaced the previous fresh, hot ones served in the concession stands!

But the sad fact is, winning in the NFL is one of the hardest things to do in pro sports.

Look at the Cowboys.

One post season win in the last 15 seasons. ONE. That’s it.

That is the product of one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, financially-able-to-spend-money owners in the NFL.

That’s all he can come up with.

So how the hell can we expect to do any better?

The answer is luck. Good, old-fashioned luck. We are overdue for some for sure.

Yes I know what’s wrong in Kansas City. No, I do not have any idea what to do about it!

Maybe you do?

I’m sitting by my grill, beer in hand, ready to listen.