Madden NFL 13: Roster Update #6, Week 5


Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

The team at EA has released the latest ratings adjustments for Madden NFL 13.

If you are a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, you probably don’t want to download this one.

Here’s the damage:

Roster Update #6 – Week 5
Bobby MassieOLARZDecrease, from 73 to 71OVR
Dan WilliamsDLARZDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
William GayCBARZDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Lyle SendleinOLARZDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
David CarterDLARZIncrease, from 71 to 73OVR
Sam AchoLBARZIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
O’Brien SchofieldLBARZIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Andre RobertsWRARZIncrease, from 75 to 78OVR
Kevin KolbQBARZIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Patrick PetersonCBARZIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Calais CampbellDLARZIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Adrian WilsonSARZIncrease, from 95 to 96OVR
Beanie WellsHBARZIR
Alfonso SmithHBARZJersey change to #29
Ryan WilliamsHBARZMoved to HB #1 on depth chart
Ray EdwardsDLATLDecrease, from 83 to 81OVR
Jonathan BabineauxDLATLDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Julio JonesWRATLDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Tyson ClaboOLATLDecrease, from 92 to 91OVR
Vance WalkerDLATLIncrease, from 70 to 71OVR
Garrett ReynoldsOLATLIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Matt BosherPATLIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Justin BlalockOLATLIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Michael TurnerHBATLIncrease, from 88 to 90OVR
Matt RyanQBATLIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Roddy WhiteWRATLIncrease, from 94 to 95OVR
Lousaka PoliteFBATLJersey change to #45
Robert JamesLBATLJersey change to #51
Kelechi OsemeleOLBALDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Ma’ake KemoeatuDLBALDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Terrence CodyDLBALDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Ed DicksonTEBALDecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Dennis PittaTEBALDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Jimmy SmithCBBALDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Bernard PollardSBALDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Albert McClellanLBBALIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Cary WilliamsCBBALIncrease, from 77 to 79OVR
Anquan BoldinWRBALIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Marshal YandaOLBALIncrease, from 96 to 97OVR
Haloti NgataDLBALIncrease, from 97 to 98OVR
Erik PearsOLBUFDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Mark AndersonDLBUFDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Nick BarnettLBBUFDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Stevie JohnsonWRBUFDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Mario WilliamsDLBUFDecrease, from 96 to 95OVR
Donald JonesWRBUFIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Stephon GilmoreCBBUFIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Scott ChandlerTEBUFIncrease, from 80 to 83OVR
Jairus ByrdSBUFIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Andy LevitreOLBUFIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Cordy GlennOLBUFLowered on depth chart (injury)
Chris HairstonOLBUFMoved to LT #1 on depth chart
Steve SmithWRCARDecrease, from 65 to 63CARRY
Brandon LaFellWRCARDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
James AndersonLBCARDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Mike TolbertFBCARDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Steve SmithWRCARDecrease, from 95 to 94OVR
Justin MedlockKCARIncrease, from 57 to 59OVR
Frank AlexanderDLCARIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Kealoha PilaresWRCARIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Amini SilatoluOLCARIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Luke KuechlyLBCARIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Greg OlsenTECARIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Charles JohnsonDLCARIncrease, from 91 to 93OVR
Chris ConteSCHIDecrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Geno HayesLBCHIDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Shea McClellinDLCHIDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Brian UrlacherLBCHIDecrease, from 95 to 94OVR
Kellen DavisTECHIIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Gabe CarimiOLCHIIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
Major WrightSCHIIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
Israel IdonijeDLCHIIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Henry MeltonDLCHIIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Jay CutlerQBCHIIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Brandon MarshallWRCHIIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Lance BriggsLBCHIIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Rey MaualugaLBCINDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
BenJarvus Green-EllisHBCINDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
BenJarvus Green-EllisHBCINDecrease, from 98 to 96CARRY
Vontaze BurfictLBCINIncrease, from 63 to 66OVR
Kevin ZeitlerOLCINIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Reggie NelsonSCINIncrease, from 79 to 80OVR
Terence NewmanCBCINIncrease, from 81 to 83OVR
A.J. GreenWRCINIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Geno AtkinsDLCINIncrease, from 95 to 96OVR
Orson CharlesTECINMoved to TE #2 on depth chart
Donald LeeTECINReleased
Chris CrockerSCINSigns
Richard QuinnTECINSigns
Josh CribbsWRCLEDecrease, from 72 to 68CARRY
Eric HaggSCLEDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Sheldon BrownCBCLEDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Craig RobertsonLBCLEIncrease, from 67 to 69OVR
Mitchell SchwartzOLCLEIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Jabaal SheardDLCLEIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Trent RichardsonHBCLEIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Phil DawsonKCLEIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Usama YoungSCLEMoved to FS #1 on depth chart
Eric HaggSCLEMoved to FS #2 on depth chart
Kevin OgletreeWRDALDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Mackenzy BernadeauOLDALDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Dan ConnorLBDALDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Gerald SensabaughSDAlDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Doug FreeOLDALDecrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Brandon CarrCBDALDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Tony RomoQBDALDecrease, from 91 to 89OVR
Nate LivingsOLDALIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Tyron SmithOLDALIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Jason WittenTEDALIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Mana SilvaSDALReleased
LeQuan LewisCBDALReleased
Brian MoormanPDALSigns
Aaron BrewerLSDENAdded to the game
Demaryius ThomasWRDENDecrease, from 63 to 61CARRY
Legedu NaaneeWRDENDecrease, from 75 to 72CARRY
Robert AyersDLDENDecrease, from 77 to 75OVR
Manny RamerizOLDENIncrease, from 69 to 70OVR
Zane BeadlesOLDENIncrease, from 76 to 78OVR
Eric DeckerWRDENIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Demaryius ThomasWRDENIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Willis McGaheeHBDENIncrease, from 84 to 86OVR
Matt PraterKDENIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Elvis DumervilDLDENIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Von MillerLBDENIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Peyton ManningQBDENIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
J.D. WaltonOLDENIR – ankle
Dan KoppenOLDENMoved to C #1 on depth chart
Aaron BrewerLSDENMoved to LS #1 on depth chart
Lonie PaxtonLSDENReleased
Titus Young Sr.WRDETDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Nick FairleyDLDETDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Kevin SmithHBDETDecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Jeff BackusOLDETDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Brandon PettigrewTEDETDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Stephen PetermanOLDETDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Stephen TullochLBDETDecrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Joique BellHBDETIncrease, from 58 to 62OVR
Gosder CherilusOLDETIncrease, from 80 to 82OVR
Nick HarrisPDETJersey change to #5
Ben GrahamPDETReleased
Graham HarrellQBGBDecrease, from 65 to 63CARRY
Erik WaldenLBGBDecrease, from 71 to 70OVR
Charles WoodsonSGBDecrease, from 96 to 95OVR
D.J. SmithLBGBIncrease, from 72 to 74OVR
Marshall NewhouseOLGBIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Randall CobbWRGBIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
James JonesWRGBIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
T.J. LangOLGBIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Bryan BulagaOLGBIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Ben JonesOLHOUDecrease, from 71 to 70OVR
Connor BarwinLBHOUDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Kareem JacksonCBHOUIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
James CaseyFBHOUIncrease, from 77 to 79OVR
Danieal ManningSHOUIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Wade SmithOLHOUIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Owen DanielsTEHOUIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
J.J. WattDLHOUIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Duane BrownOLHOUIncrease, from 94 to 95OVR
Quintin DempsSHOULowered on depth chart (injury)
John BeckQBHOUReleased
Troy NolanSHOUSigns
A.Q. ShipleyOLINDMoved to C #2 on depth chart
Justin HickmanLBINDMoved to ROLB #2 on depth chart
Mario AddisonLBINDReleased
D.J. JohnsonCBINDReleased
A.Q. ShipleyOLINDSigns
Marshay GreenCBINDSigns
Eben BrittonOLJAXDecrease, from 81 to 78OVR
Laurent RobinsonWRJAXDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Brad MeesterOLJAXDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Maurice Jones-DrewHBJAXDecrease, from 98 to 97OVR
Kyle BosworthLBJAXIncrease, from 57 to 62OVR
Jeremy MinceyDLJAXIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Marcedes LewisTEJAXIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Derek CoxCBJAXIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Mike HarrisCBJAXJersey change to #20
Tyson JacksonDLKCDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Tony MoeakiTEKCDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Steve BreastonWRKCDecrease, from 78 to 76OVR
Matt CasselQBKCDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Jamaal CharlesHBKCDecrease, from 88 to 85CARRY
Eric BerrySKCDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Derrick JohnsonLBKCDecrease, from 92 to 91OVR
Ropati PitoituaDLKCIncrease, from 71 to 73OVR
Jovan BelcherLBKCIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Brendan AlbertOLKCIncrease, from 89 to 91OVR
Kevin BossTEKCIR
Tony MoeakiTEKCMoved to TE #1 on depth chart
Bryan KehlLBKCSigns
Jonathan MartinOLMIADecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
Daniel ThomasHBMIADecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Richard MarshallCBMIADecrease, from 80 to 79OVR
Ryan TannehillQBMIAIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Koa MisiLBMIAIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Davone BessWRMIAIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Brian HartlineWRMIAIncrease, from 78 to 82OVR
Kevin BurnettLBMIAIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Sean SmithCBMIAIncrease, from 82 to 84OVR
Mike PounceyOLMIAIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Cameron WakeDLMIAIncrease, from 94 to 96OVR
Marcus ThigpenPRMIAMoved to PR #1 on depth chart
Legedu NaaneeWRMIAReleased
Andre FluellenDLMIAReleased
Mike RiveraLBMIAReleased
Jabar GaffneyWRMIASigns
Chas AlecxihDLMIASigns
Brian RobisonDLMINDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Marcus SherelsPRMINIncrease, from 65 to 66OVR
Rhett EllisonTEMINIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Everson GriffenDLMINIncrease, from 72 to 75OVR
Letroy GuionDLMINIncrease, from 73 to 76OVR
Harrison SmithSMINIncrease, from 75 to 76OVR
Matt KalilOLMINIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Antoine WinfieldCBMINIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Mistral RaymondSMINLowered on depth chart (injury)
Jamarca SanfordSMINMoved to SS #1 on depth chart
Allen ReisnerTEMINReleased
Rob GronkowskiTENEDecrease, from 69 to 67CARRY
Wes WelkerWRNEDecrease, from 75 to 73CARRY
Shane VereenHBNEDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Deion BranchWRNEDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Stephen GostowskiKNEDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Brandon BoldenHBNEIncrease, from 65 to 71OVR
Daniel FellsTENEIncrease, from 67 to 70OVR
Tavon WilsonSNEIncrease, from 72 to 73OVR
Stevan RidleyHBNEIncrease, from 79 to 81OVR
Brandon SpikesLBNEIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Devin McCourtyCBNEIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Sebastian VollmerOLNEIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Kellen WinslowTENEReleased
Terrell McClainDLNEReleased
Bobby CarpenterLBNESigns
Scott ShanleLBNODecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Devery HendersonWRNODecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Cameron JordanDLNODecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Junior GaletteDLNODecrease, from 80 to 77OVR
Pierre ThomasHBNODecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Sedrick EllisDLNODecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Will SmithDLNODecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Darren SprolesHBNODecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Curtis LoftonLBNODecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Jabari GreerCBNODecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
Joseph MorganWRNOIncrease, from 61 to 64OVR
Patrick RobinsonCBNOIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Zach StriefOLNOIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Marques ColstonWRNOIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Elbert MackCBNOReleased
Greg CamarilloWRNOSigns
David WilsonHBNYGDecrease, from 74 to 72OVR
Kevin BootheOLNYGDecrease, from 78 to 76OVR
Corey WebsterCBNYGDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Ahmad BradshawHBNYGDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Stevie BrownSNYGIncrease, from 66 to 69OVR
Domenik HixonWRNYGIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Chase BlackburnLBNYGIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Rocky BernardDLNYGIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Will BeattyOLNYGIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Linval JosephDLNYGIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Kenrick EllisDLNYJDecrease, from 67 to 66OVR
Matt SlausonOLNYJDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Kyle WilsonCBNYJDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Mike DevitoDLNYJDecrease, from 79 to 78OVR
Shonn GreeneHBNYJDecrease, from 80 to 77OVR
Mark SanchezQBNYJDecrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Muhammad WilkersonDLNYJDecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Bart ScottLBNYJDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
David HarrisLBNYJDecrease, from 89 to 87OVR
Brandon MooreOLNYJDecrease, from 89 to 88OVR
D’Brickashaw FergusonOLNYJDecrease, from 90 to 88OVR
Nick MangoldOLNYJDecrease, from 97 to 95OVR
Antonio CromartieCBNYJIncrease, from 86 to 87OVR
Santonio HolmesWRNYJIR – foot
Stephen HillWRNYJMoved to WR #1 on depth chart
Chaz SchilensWRNYJMoved to WR #2 on depth chart
Patrick TurnerWRNYJReleased
Dedrick EppsTENYJReleased
Jason HillWRNYJSigns
Lex HilliardHBNYJSigns
Aaron BerryCBNYJSigns, 2yrs
Willie SmithOLOAKDecrease, from 68 to 67OVR
Desmond BryantDLOAKDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Lamarr HoustonDLOAKDecrease, from 85 to 84OVR
Darren McFaddenHBOAKDecrease, from 91 to 90OVR
Denarius MooreWROAKIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Marcel ReeceFBOAKIncrease, from 84 to 85OVR
Jared VeldheerOLOAKIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Andre CarterDLOAKSigns
Dallas ReynoldsOLPHIDecrease, from 68 to 67OVR
Darryl TappDLPHIDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Todd HerremansOLPHIDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
DeMeco RyansLBPHIDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Jason BabinDLPHIDecrease, from 94 to 93OVR
Trent ColeDLPHIDecrease, from 95 to 94OVR
Brandon HughesCBPHIIncrease, from 66 to 68OVR
Fletcher CoxDLPHIIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
DeSean JacksonWRPHIIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Brent CelekTEPHIIncrease, from 87 to 88OVR
Michael VickQBPHIIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Cullen JenkinsDLPHIIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Evan MathisOLPHIIncrease, from 92 to 93OVR
Matt ReynoldsOLPHIJersey change to #73
Brian RolleLBPHIReleased
Adrian MotenLBPHISigns
Larry EnglishLBSDDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Robert MeachemWRSDDecrease, from 79 to 77OVR
Jarret JohnsonLBSDDecrease, from 83 to 82OVR
Tyronne GreenOLSDIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
Corey LiugetDLSDIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Jackie BattleHBSDIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Jeromey ClaryOLSDIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Jared GaitherOLSDIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Donald ButlerLBSDIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Shaun PhillipsLBSDIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Nick NovakKSDMoved to K #1 on depth chart
Jared GaitherOLSDMoved to LT #1 on depth chart
Micheal SpurlockWRSDReleased
Nate KaedingKSDRemoved from depth chart (injury)
Nick NovakKSDSigns
Chris CarrCBSDSigns
Reggie WellsOLSDSigns
Breno GiacominiOLSEADecrease, from 73 to 71OVR
Braylon EdwardsWRSEADecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Doug BaldwinWRSEADecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Russell WilsonQBSEADecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Jason JonesDLSEADecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Red BryantDLSEADecrease, from 84 to 83OVR
Robert TurbinHBSEAIncrease, from 68 to 70OVR
James CarpenterOLSEAIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Clinton McDonaldDLSEAIncrease, from 69 to 71OVR
Bobby WagnerLBSEAIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Russell OkungOLSEAIncrease, from 78 to 80OVR
Brandon MebaneDLSEAIncrease, from 90 to 91OVR
Marshawn LynchHBSEAIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Allen BarbreOLSEAReleased
David AkersKSFDecrease, from 93 to 91OVR
Colin KaepernickQBSFIncrease, from 73 to 74OVR
Alex BooneOLSFIncrease, from 73 to 76OVR
Kendall HunterHBSFIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
Dashon GoldsonSSFIncrease, from 84 to 86OVR
Ahmad BrooksLBSFIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Joe StaleyOLSFIncrease, from 88 to 89OVR
Aldon SmithLBSFIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
NaVorro BowmanLBSFIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Mike IupatiOLSFIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Patrick WillisLBSFIncrease, from 98 to 99OVR
Robert TurnerOLSTLDecrease, from 69 to 67OVR
Rocky McIntoshLBSTLDecrease, from 72 to 71OVR
Quinn OjinnakaOLSTLDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Jo-Lonn DunbarLBSTLDecrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Quintin MikellSSTLDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
James LaurinaitisLBSTLDecrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Austin PettisWRSTLIncrease, from 65 to 67OVR
Wayne HunterOLSTLIncrease, from 66 to 67OVR
Chris GivensWRSTLIncrease, from 67 to 68OVR
Greg ZuerleinKSTLIncrease, from 68 to 77OVR
Matthew MulliganTESTLIncrease, from 70 to 72OVR
William HayesDLSTLIncrease, from 73 to 76OVR
Bradley FletcherCBSTLIncrease, from 76 to 77OVR
Janoris JenkinsCBSTLIncrease, from 77 to 78OVR
Danny AmendolaWRSTLIncrease, from 80 to 81OVR
Sam BradfordQBSTLIncrease, from 81 to 82OVR
Chris LongDLSTLIncrease, from 93 to 94OVR
Joe BarksdaleOLSTLSigns
Quincy BlackLBTBDecrease, from 73 to 71OVR
Jeremy ZuttahOLTBDecrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Dallas ClarkTETBDecrease, from 81 to 80OVR
Ronde BarberSTBDecrease, from 86 to 85OVR
Corvey IrvinDLTBIncrease, from 61 to 63OVR
George JohnsonDLTBIncrease, from 64 to 67OVR
Lavonte DavidLBTBIncrease, from 73 to 75OVR
Mike WilliamsWRTBIncrease, from 78 to 79OVR
Connor BarthKTBIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Roscoe ParrishWRTBJersey change to #12
George JohnsonDLTBMoved to RE #1 on depth chart
Jeff CharlestonDLTBReleased
Nate ByhamTETBSigns
Matt HasselbeckQBTENDecrease, from 67 to 65CARRY
Zac DilesLBTENDecrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Sen’Derrick MarksDLTENDecrease, from 76 to 75OVR
Matt HasselbeckQBTENDecrease, from 83 to 81OVR
Michael GriffinSTENDecrease, from 87 to 85OVR
Steve HutchinsonOLTENDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Kamerion WimbleyDLTENDecrease, from 87 to 86OVR
Craig StevensFBTENIncrease, from 71 to 76OVR
Kendall WrightWRTENIncrease, from 74 to 75OVR
Jurrell CaseyDLTENIncrease, from 82 to 83OVR
Jason McCourtyCBTENIncrease, from 83 to 84OVR
Chris JohnsonHBTENIncrease, from 85 to 87OVR
Michael RoosOLTENIncrease, from 91 to 92OVR
Jake LockerQBTENLowered on depth chart (injury)
Matt HasselbeckQBTENMoved to QB #1 on depth chart
Madieu WilliamsSWASDecrease, from 77 to 76OVR
Kory LichtensteigerOLWASDecrease, from 78 to 77OVR
Billy CundiffKWASDecrease, from 79 to 77OVR
Jarvis JenkinsDLWASIncrease, from 74 to 76OVR
Alfred MorrisHBWASIncrease, from 75 to 77OVR
DeAngelo HallCBWASIncrease, from 85 to 86OVR
Trent WilliamsOLWASIncrease, from 89 to 90OVR
Jason ShirleyDLWASReleased
Eric KettaniFBWASSigns
DeAngelo PetersonTEWASSigns
Chigbo AnunobyDLWASSigns
Dominique HamiltonDLWASSigns
Javarris WilliamsHBWASSigns

The Chiefs deserve all of these decreases. Frankly, I am amazed they still have Berry rated so high. It is nice to see them recognize what a fine season Branden Albert is having.

What do you gamers think? Did they get this week’s changes right?