Chiefs vs Chargers ! Arrowhead Experience Rating!


Some things look promising coming into this second home game of the season. The Chiefs are coming off a hard-fought win against the scandal-ravaged Saints.

The problem is the Chiefs had to break several team records to pull it off.

A record number of field goals means that golden boy Matt could not seal the deal when it comes to scoring touchdowns.

Succop was hot. Do not expect him to be able to do that again Sunday, though I fully expect Matt to set him up to have to try.

As far as the game day experience goes, I would characterize the Chiefs-Chargers rivalry as a friendly one. In my experience, friendly rivalries do not draw the fan base that all-out battles such as the Chiefs-Raiders matchups do. Additionally, I am not sure everyone is buying the win as a legitimate turnaround for our heroes in red. I certainly am not.

Expect there to be some empty seats is what I am saying. Which means there should be plenty of opportunity for *ahem* upgrading your seat should you be carrying nosebleeds.

Tailgating should be awesome as usual, the weather appears to be cooperating, and the optimistic feeling of a fresh new start is still in the air.

For reasons I cannot explain fully, late traffic has been just horrible. You are well advised to get to the stadium as early as possible.

Tickets on the secondary market as of Friday were about face value, with plenty of opportunities for instant downloads. That suggests the turnout will be at least fair.

The win-loss history for our two teams is slightly in Kansas City’s favor overall. Likewise, in recent history we have won 6 of the last 10.

The game day rating scale is 1-10. Ten being the best possible NFL experience imaginable, such as the last two MNF matchups with the bolts.

Your official Arrowhead Adventure game day experience prediction is 7.

A game well worth attending for sure.

If you go, stay the entire game no matter what happens! Bang the seats on defensive plays until your hands bleed! Encourage your neighbors to do likewise!

The Arrowhead Experience has declined in recent years, but it’s still the best in the NFL!

See you there!