Stadium Shootout: Lambeau vs. Arrowhead!


I will be the first to admit I was a bit optimistic about the reception we would receive as my buddy and I got out of the car at Brett Favre’s Steakhouse and set up our gear to tailgate. Everybody loves Chiefs fans, right?  Well, not everybody.

The Packer fans were not exactly, er, welcoming, to put it mildly.

We were pleasantly surprised to see KCTV-5’s sports director Michael Coleman, who stuck out like a very sore thumb as he walked up to us in his Kansas City Chiefs polo with a big smile and a handshake.

Oh well. Lowly Kansas City did after all ruin the Packers chances of a perfect season with the handicaps of a brand new head coach and a brand new starting QB. One of the greatest upsets at Arrowhead I have ever witnessed.

That would understandably stick in the craw of any Packer fan.

So without further delay, we shall get to the official Arrowhead Adventures ranking of one the most historic stadiums in the NFL: Lambeau Field.

1. Historic Value : 10!

This place is like going back into time. From the rock hard bench seats to the battleship-like inner structure, you can almost see Vince Lombardi yelling from the sidelines. I left grateful that the people of Green Bay have preserved this treasure.

2. Ability to see the game :10

Not a bad seat in the house, as they say.

3. Tailgating: 4

Sadly, I pictured my buddy and I roasting encased meats in the shadows of the Lambeau Field sign. Those hopes were dashed when a cop directing traffic told me that you needed a very exclusive pass to get in the parking lot.  We wound up the only tailgaters in the parking lot of the Brett Favre Steakhouse due to the kindness of the manager. Still we had a good time, but Arrowhead keeps the title in this category. This is a trend, I think, that sadly we are seeing more and more of. Broken up lots with a few cars here and there.

4. Traffic.10

No traffic snarls at all. I’m not sure why. The place seemed full. They kick our butts in this category.

5. Stadium comfort: 2

It could only get worse if I had to stand. Which I did a lot of the time. I had no warning that bench seats were all we were gonna get. No chairs means no clear boundaries. Many fans had ample room due to no shows. We didn’t get so lucky.

6. Concession food: 5

Not much variety. The pizza was Digiorno. The Green Bay folks liked it though; they were still carrying it up to the stands late in the fourth quarter. Interestingly, I see a lot more beer swilled at Arrowhead than in Green Bay.

7. Fan dedication: 10.

These folks are serious about their football, which is refreshing. No fair weather fans here, though there hasn’t been that much foul weather at Lambeau lately.

The houses across the street from the place were painted Packer green and yellow, with the Packer logo proudly displayed. People purchased houses for the exclusive purpose of tailgating. Preseason tickets were going for face value or more. This place was full of hard core Pack fans.

8. Flyover :10

The credit goes to the good old USA. Flyovers make your heart glow. Nothing like a good pregame flyover no matter where you happen to be sitting.

The bottom line? They like their place, we like ours. Way of the world. Always has been, always will be.

And that’s fine with your Arrowhead Adventurer.

I am glad I made the trip. And I would not hesitate to go back. You should go if you get the chance too. Sure the fans were a little chilly. But the upset at Arrowhead  last year certainly fueled that hostility.

And that, Addicts, feels mighty good.