Ryan Tannehill Thinks The Chiefs Are In The NFC East


Prior to the the 2012 NFL Draft, many Chiefs fans were interested in QB prospect Ryan Tannehill.

Whether or not the Chiefs would have actually considered drafting Tannehill, we will never know because he was snatched up by the Miami Dolphins first. Tannehill has now been named the starter down in South Beach and he is the star of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which is following the Dolphins throughout the preseason.

Tannehill has had mixed results on the field so far but his knowledge of the layout of the NFL and its divisions is, well, a disaster.

On last night’s episode, Tannehill admitted to not being the biggest pro football fan growing up.

“I wasn’t a huge pro fan growing up; I wasn’t loyal to any one team,” said Tannehill, “so I don’t really know the divisions, and even really conferences. I know most of the conferences but some of those, I really have no clue. And they don’t make sense. You have the AFC East, and we’re freaking in the bottom of the map, and the directions don’t make any sense where the teams actually are.”

Dolphins QB Matt Moore then quizzed Tannehill. After claiming the Packers and Vikings played in the same division as the Giants, the rookie was asked which teams played in the NFC East.



Oh well. I guess what really matters is that Tannehill is effective on the field. Hopefully he can get ready for Miami’s first divisional game against the Tampa Bay Bucs…