Dwayne Bowe Speaks


Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe finally signed his franchise contract tender last week. Since then it has been nothing but bad news for the Chiefs.

Think about it.

Bowe signs. Then the Chiefs get killed by the Rams, Kendrick Lewis gets hurt, Brandon Flowers shows up to practice in a walking boot and Tamba Hali (TAMBA HALI) gets suspended for the season opener for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

I’m not saying Bowe is the reason for all this misfortune but the news of his signing was literally the last piece of good news Chiefs fans have gotten about the team.

Let’s hope that all changes this week when the team takes on the Seahwaks in the all-important third preseason game.

Bowe spoke to the media in KC yesterday. He had his first practice with the team Monday and today is the first day he can wear pads, per the new BA.

Here is what D-Bowe had to say:

Q: What’s going to be the hardest part?

BOWE: “I’m coming in extra early in the morning, staying late after practice, in the meeting room with Matt (Cassel) to overload me, to get me into that playbook, to expedite (the process).”

Q: How much of a shock is it to see different words and different things?

BOWE: “It’s not a big shock. I know with a new OC comes new terms. I’m prepared for it like I have been today. Tomorrow we’ll see where I’m at.”

Q: What time do you get here in the morning?

BOWE: “6:30. Bright and early.”

Q: Do you have enough time to get ready for a season opener?

BOWE: “Only time will tell. I’m here early. I’m staying late. I’m trying to expedite the opportunity to get out there and play as soon as possible.”

Q: What were you guys able to accomplish today?

BOWE: “A lot: Formations, terms and new routes.”

Q: How different is the language with Daboll than it might have been in the past?

BOWE: “I wouldn’t say it’s too different. It’s not as different as it was last year. I’ve had a few OC’s in my career, so all it is, is terms and learning one word and managing the next.”

Q: Is it difficult to learn new languages year-in and year-out?

BOWE: “I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. I’m a professional and my job is to learn no matter who’s up to bat. I’m learning it pretty fast and we’ll see where it takes me.”

Q: What do you think of Brian Daboll?

BOWE: “He’s a good guy. He’s intense, and he wants guys to learn and play fast. That’s what he’s teaching me.”

Q: Is he a lot more relaxed like you can actually go out and do your job?

BOWE: “I would say that as time goes – it’s my first day so I can’t put it in those terms – but as of today, he’s pretty cool. Every period when I’m off, he’s going over stuff with me trying to get me in the mist of things.”

Q: How are the other receivers out there? Have you been following how they’re doing at camp?

BOWE: “No, not really, but I’ve been, today, catching up with some guys and reading some articles. The guys have been doing pretty good without me, so that’s a plus knowing they can get some things done without the main guy.”

Q: Do they look like they’re better than the last time you saw them?

BOWE: “Most definitely. Practice makes perfect, and another year under their belts is only going to mean they’re getting better.”

Q: While we were in St. Joe, what were you doing?

BOWE: “I was training.”

Q: Where were you training? Who were you training with?

BOWE: “That part doesn’t really pertain to today, but I’m here. I’m here to do my best and get back on this team.”

Q: How big is this year for Dwayne Bowe?

BOWE: “As big as it was last year. Every year is a big year. Somebody is trying to come in here and take my job, and my job is to go as hard as I can to prove that I’m the No. 1 guy.”

Q: How comfortable would you be playing Friday night?

BOWE: “That’s the coaches’ decision. If I can learn all the plays before then, then I’m there, but if it takes a little longer, then it takes a little longer.”

Q: Is Kansas City a place you’d like to finish your career?

BOWE: “Oh my gosh, the fans, everybody here supports me no matter what decision is made, and that’s what I appreciate about Kansas City.”

Q: Were you getting a little antsy being away from the team?

BOWE: “Most definitely. I was communicating with some guys, keeping base, but I’m here now and that’s the key point.”

Q: Do you have to know every play to play Friday night?

BOWE: “We’ll just have to see. Every day I’m going to take it in stride and learn as much as possible, and hopefully get ready to play Friday.”