The Chiefs Roster: Sure Bets And Maybes


Camp is over, Dwayne Bowe is signed, and it looks like we’ve identified the Right 44. That’s right, by my calculations there are still 9 spots up for grabs. However, as in no other year in recent, or distant, memory the Chiefs will be cutting loose players they’d rather not see go to another team. But, I’m here to tell ya, it’s-a-gonna-happen.

My question for you is — who would you keep and who would you send packing? Below you’ll find my position by position opinion about who will be a “Sure Bet” that the Chiefs are keeping.  After that, it’s up to you Addicts — who would you want to keep with the last 9 active roster spots available? Of course — if you don’t agree with my take on the 44 that the Chiefs will be keeping — I’m sure I’ll here about that too — that’s expected.

In yellow, you will find the players I currently believe to be a “Sure Bet” to stick on the active roster. To the right, you’ll find the “Maybes” in order of who I believe is next in line to gain a spot on the roster.  These are all of the players who coach Crennel will likely be choosing from in the next two weeks.

I’ve included player’s jersey numbers so that as you watch the game tonight — you can look out for the players you like most. So, have at it — and good luck — because it’s a sure bet that making these choices are tougher than they’ve maybe ever been.

OL- I’ve heard C Ron Bruggeman has had an excellent camp. Same goes for Luke Patterson and I’ve been expecting that at some point huge offensive lineman, David Mims, would make the team. Darryl Harris has been working at finding a regular spot on the active roster going on four years now.

TE- If Steve Maneri keeps on trucking it’s hard to see the Chiefs not giving him a roster spot.

WR- Terrance Copper is the journeyman you can count on and has loads of Special Teams clout to boot. I’d guess he gets a roster invitation again.

QB- Alex Tanny is interesting but, he’s just a ten-trick pony.

FB- Since Nate Eachus has flipped to FB he’s made things difficult to call. He also provides a better STs option. If the Chiefs choose to go with no FB they’ll likely employ Hillis and keep Maneri giving them more TEs to fulfill their the FB needs.

DL- It’s hard to see the Chiefs keeping more than 6 DL on the active roster. If Jerrell Powe has a couple more good and solid preseason games like he did against the Cardinals, it’s will be hard to push him to the practice squad again. At this point though— it looks like Ropati Pitoitua gets the nod. Oddly, Amon Gordan, a rising star last year, looks to be on the outside looking in.

LB- During OTA’s and at the beginning of camp — it looked like Dexter Heyman would be getting a roster spot at LB. Now, if the Chiefs keep more than 6 LBs — which is an inordinate amount of LBs — Cameron Sheffield looks like he’s the one deserving.

CB- If Jalil Brown has another solid preseason game — everyone in Who-ville will sleep better tonight. Brown came to camp in great shape and has shined frequently. Arenas and Menzie should round out the CB core.

S- It may be time for Donald Washington to go walking. He came in with such promise and has always been a great athlete — it’s just all unrealized potential.

Alright Addicts, finish the recipe — add a dash of linebacker — a spot of nose tackle — and a pinch of offensive linemen and we can call it soup!

Then we can begin the feast that’s about to be the KC Chiefs 2012 season! Go Chiefs!