Chiefs, Cardinals Training Camp Report


The Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinals held a joint practice yesterday ahead of their preseason contest on Friday. Arrowhead Addict camp reporter Mike Gooding was in attendance. Below is his report on all the action.


There was a huge crowd for the practice with the Cards today even though the temps hit 100 again! Lots of great plays with the offenses taking a definite edge today.

I read that there were concerns that there might be some fighting today but to the coaches and players credit it was a very professional practice that was beneficial for both teams.

I saw many players help each other up and even some fist bumps were exchanged. This is the kind of team that I want to support – professional football players not a bunch of thugs looking for a fight.

On a lighter note, I saw Succop miss a FG by hitting the right post and the ball ricocheted towards the OL waiting for their turn in the big uglies drills hitting Brandon Albert right in the butt! He didn’t even flinch just slowly looked up at Succop – Succop didn’t miss again. Maybe we found the solution to his inconsistency?

Also Patrick Peterson was back deep for the punt team portion of the practice and he turned around facing the west end bleachers and started showing off doing jumping jacks and was booed loudly by the fans until one of the officials came over and told him to knock it off which brought a cheer from us fans.

Lewis, Charles, Moeaki, Berry, Siler and Cassel ALL practiced full speed the entire practice.


Donald Stephenson, Winston, Asamoah and Hudson all looked very strong and handled their assignments during a pass rush/protection drill. Mims looked like he might still be hurting and got pushed around. Lilja was steady and while Albert looked good overall he got beat seriously bad on back to back plays – one inside rush and one speed outside rush.

Charles, was looking like his old self making some sharp cuts and blasting through the holes. Shaun Draughn (who continues to impress), Hillis, Cyrus Gray all looked great!

Cassel looked much better today, hitting Baldwin repeatedly and Breaston for TDs. He had good velocity on his throws while he was facing the 1st real pressure.

Stanzi looked very good today and got more reps than Quinn by far. He had a string of 10 straight completions moving the team down the field until his inexperience showed when he threw a pick right into the gut of a LB who dropped it and followed that with a fastball right back to him on the next play that he held onto. Stanzi was the only QB that stayed late making throws especially the out route he got picked on.

Quinn looked ok and continues to make a push to beat Ricki for the #2.

I still have not seen Baldwin drop a ball and HE WAS A BEAST today making every play he was given! He even came back on a sideline throw and snatched a certain pick out of the Cards DB’s hands AND got his feet down! He gets better every day.

Just as exciting was the clinic Dexter McCluster put on today. The fans went wild at the breaks, cuts and spin moves he made to leave the Cards DB’s look foolish. His speed and quickness was no match for any of them. He also caught every ball in his direction and showed his blazing speed as he turned upfield.

Patrick Peterson made a number of break ups of well thrown balls other wise it would have been a blow out..

Horne had his best day by far making great catches, leaping into the air and hanging onto the ball. I had high hopes for him last year as he has blazing speed and runs good routes but just can’t seem to hold onto the damn ball – today he certainly did!! Jamar Newsome #84 & Josh Bellamy, #8, both excelled. Breaston is putting on a clinic with excellent hands and incredible body position to keep the defender at bay while Cassel zipped a TD to him.
Wylie and Zeke Markshausen made some excellent catches after making some incredible cuts getting that extra step to make room for the delivery.


I spent most of my time with the offense today as it is our bigger concern I believe but did catch a few plays on the other side. Ryan James indicated that our DB’s didn’t look so great vs their WR’s either – except for Berry who was facing Fitz most of the time by lining up in a new formation that allowed him to wander the formation until he saw what he wanted.

Poe looks better every day – he made a pass rush move today that was so strong and fast that the center didn’t even get turned around before he was past him and in the QB’s face. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with. I have been predicting he will be the starter by the 1st week of regular season BUT Toribio isn’t about to give in. Toribio was a beast in the middle and probably the most asked about player from the large number of fans there today.
Hali, DJ turned in their usual excellent performances. Justin Houston is becoming the defenses version of Baldwin – stronger, faster and smarter every day – what a huge pick by Pioli. Siler and Dexter Heyman stood out again in run defense and are removing any concerns when coupled with Toribio/Poe of anyone running up the middle. Gordaon and Bailey are the depth and future behind TJax & Dorsey.

Routt looked sharp and was seen after practice working with Fitz briefly.

Jalil Brown got schooled a little after looking very solid up to today.

Special Teams:

Not as much time spent here as there has been other than the punt return drill and some FG’s by Succop.