Mel Kiper’s Draft Grade For The Chiefs Is…


The draft grades are already flying and Mel Kiper of ESPN has weighed in on the Kansas City Chiefs’ draft by giving them a C+.

As far as early draft grades go and these are most certainly early grades, I think a C+ is about right. These picks could be really good or really bad or they could be a mixed bag. There is no way to know so why not call it average and see what happens? An incomplete might be an even better mark.

The fact of the matter is, nobody really has any idea how these moves are going to turn out. The grades aren’t really a reflection of the worth of the actual draft but a reflection of the opinion of the the individual analyst.

All I know is that I am excited that the Chiefs are finally drafting for depth again. After trying to snag themselves a starter in the first round, KC went to work adding players who should be solid, safe options that will be able to contribute in case there is another rash of injuries.

You can see all of Kiper’s grades here if you have an ESPN Insider account. I don’t recommend it.

What is your initial draft grade for the Chiefs?