Cowboys, Chiefs Have Had Trade Talks, Says Report


According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Kansas City Chiefs have had trade talks with the Dallas Cowboys ahead of tonight’s NFL draft.

Dallas has also reportedly talked with the Chargers.

Dallas sits at #14 and the Chargers at #18 so it looks like Dallas is willing to move up or down. There is likely all kinds of conversations like this happening across the league. Teams want to put feelers out to teams about various trade scenarios so they are more prepared and know who to call and what to expect in certain situations. Dallas, for instance, could be interested in Alabama safety Mark Barron. If Barron gets to #11 and #11 is as far as Dallas is willing to move up to get their guy, the Cowboys may want to know, 1) if the Chiefs will be willing to play ball and, 2) what they’d have to give up. The same thing could be happening with the Chargers and Cowboys.

According to the too the old NFL trade chart, which even GMs will tell you is outdated, the 11th pick is worth 1,250 points and the 14th pick is worth 1,100 points. The difference, after a swap of first rounders, would be 150 which is equal to the 88th pick in the third round. The Cowboys hold the 18th pick in the third round or #82 which is worth 180 points. If a deal were to be done for a first and a third, the Chiefs might need to throw in a their fifth or sixth rounder.

The Chiefs are probably taking to multiple teams. We’ll bring you any news and rumors as we fetch them.

(h/t Arrowhead Pride)