Mocking The Chiefs 2012 Draft Picks: Multiple Choice Style


All right, Addicts, the 2012 NFL Draft is about upon us and most of us die hard fans can’t wait to see who the Kansas City Chiefs will pick. I thought about doing another mock draft. I thought about just doing a Chiefs only mock where I just picked each of the team’s picks, but I wanted to do something that got you guys involved in the process too. So here’s what I came up with. I’m going to give you a multiple choice Chiefs mock draft.

Here’s the deal, there are no write-in votes. I picked the prospects that I have heard the Chiefs are interested in, think make sense for KC, or that I just personally like (hey, it’s my post) and provided a quick 1-2 lines to describe that prospect. That way, even if you haven’t studied up enough to come up with your own seventh-round draft pick you can now still take a shot at it. Now it’s up to you to piece together the best possible draft using these options. Just post your results in the comments below.

FYI – I have six possibilities for the first pick and five for the second. From then on, I stuck with four choices per pick. The choices are in order from the highest to lowest rated under Walter Football’s Consensus Rankings.

Let’s get started.

Round 1 – Pick #11

A – Fletcher Cox – DT – Mississippi
Best DL prospect in the draft. Could rush the passer from day one and eventually become a starting 3-4 DE.

B – Luke Kuechly – ILB – Boston College
Kuechly is a tackling machine and far and away the best LB in the draft, but word is that the Chiefs haven’t even done a private work out with him.

C – David DeCastro – Guard – Stanford
DeCastro is described as being the safest pick in the draft and a surefire Pro Bowler, but is a guard worth the #11 pick?

D – Michael Brockers – DE/DT – LSU
Brockers is probably the guy on this list that the least number of fans really want. I’m also convinced he may be the most likely to be picked.

E – Dontari Poe – DT – Memphis
We all know the story, no production on the field but a freak athlete for his size.

F – Ryan Tannehill – QB – Texas A&M
The Chiefs need a franchise QB, but is Tannehill too big of a risk?

Round 2 – Pick #44

A – Doug Martin – RB – Boise State
Martin is an every down back that has drawn comparisons to Ray Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew

B – Kevin Zeitler – OG – Wisconsin
The #2 guard behind DeCastro should be on the board when KC picks in round two.

C – Amini Silatolu – OG – Midwestern State
Not as polished and ready to play as Zeitler, but he’s nasty and has more upside.

D – Brandon Weeden – QB – Oklahoma State
Some feel that KC is a good fit for this “older prospect” since their team is ready to win right now.

E – Alameda Ta’amu – NT – Washington
This may be a little high for Ta’amu, but if the Chiefs really want this proven run stuffer they may have to reach for him here.

Round 3 – Pick #74

A – Brock Osweiler – QB – Arizona State
Osweiler would take more developing, but if the Chiefs don’t draft Tannehill or Weeden then Osweiler could be in play here.

B – Jared Crick – DT – Nebraska
Bit of a poor man’s Fletcher Cox in that he could rush the passer early and maybe develop into an every down player.

C – Trumaine Johnson – CB – Montana
Johnson has some real upside and would probably go higher if there weren’t several second round CB prospects.

D – Brandon Taylor – S – LSU
The Chiefs BADLY need safety depth. Do you want Piscitelli back? DO YOU!?!?

Round 4 – Pick #107

A – Ben Jones – C – Georgia
Good developmental center prospect that the Chiefs have shown interest in.

B – Josh Chapman – NT – Alabama
A proven 3-4 NT who is tough as nails.

C – Marvin McNutt – WR – Iowa
Sure-handed wide receiver from one of Pioli’s favorite schools.

D – Robert Turbin – RB – Utah State
A big bodied back that has the ability to play on every down.

Round 5 – Pick #146

A – Kheeston Randall – DT – Texas
Athletic 3-4 DE prospect who excels at taking on multiple blockers.

B – James-Michael Johnson – ILB – Nevada
In my opinion, the best “thumper” ILB in the draft after Dont’a Hightower.

C – Vick Ballard – RB – Mississippi State
A tough between-the-tackles runner.

D – Christian Thompson – S – South Carolina State
This small school safety prospect has the size and speed to succeed and could be a great special teamer from day one.

Round 6 – Pick #182

A – Hebron Fangupo – NT – BYU
Probably the last draftable NT prospect.

B – Jeff Fuller – WR – Texas A&M
A big possession WR.

C – Brandon Lindsey – OLB – Pittsburgh
A developmental pass rush prospect.

D – James Hanna – TE – Oklahoma
He wasn’t a huge part of the Sooners offense but he has looked great in workouts.

Round 7 – Pick #218

A – Bradie Ewing – FB – Wisconsin
Besides playing FB for a run heavy offense he was also the Badgers’ special teams player of the year.

B – Adam Gettis – G – Iowa
It’s Iowa, Pioli loves Hawkeyes and they’re known for their offensive linemen.

C – Quinton Saulsberry – C – Mississippi State
NFL Draft Scout calls him a poor man’s Rodney Hudson and the best interior line prospect that no one seems to be talking about.

D – Jordan White – WR – Western Michigan
Not an overly athletic player but when you have 140 receptions and 17 TDs in a season you’re doing something right.

Round 7 – Pick #238

A – Chris Galippo – ILB – USC
A possible late round ILB prospect who could play ST and possibly challenge Belcher if he continues to develop.

B – Brandon Bolden – RB – Mississippi
Good, all-around back who has been compared to former Rebel BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

C – Kellen Moore – QB – Boise State
Small for a QB and didn’t look good at the Senior Bowl but you can’t argue with his college production.

D – Winston Guy – S – Kentucky
Tackling machine and great special teamer.

So there you go, Addicts, time for you to take the Chiefs draft pick quiz and see if you can assemble the perfect draft group. I’ll get things started by giving you both what I THINK the Chiefs will do and what I WANT them to do. This is what I think the Chiefs WILL do, not necessarily what I want them to do.

1. D – DT – Brockers
2. C – G – Silatolu
3. D – S – Taylor
4. B – NT – Chapman
5. B – ILB – Johnson
6. D – TE – Hanna
7A. D – WR – White
7B. D – RB – Bolden

Here’s what I would prefer:

1. A – DT – Cox
2. D – QB – Weeden
3. D – S – Taylor
4. B – NT – Chapman
5. B – ILB – Johnson
6. D – TE – Hanna
7A. C – G/C – Saulsberry
7B. D – RB – Bolden

Now it’s your turn, Addicts, take the quiz and post your picks in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!