Chiefs Free Agency Update: All Quiet


After the initial flurry of free agency activity, it seems the Kansas City Chiefs are fairly pleased with what they got accomplished.

That isn’t to say the Chiefs are finished signing free agents, but appears as though the team might be pretty much done adding talent until after the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Chiefs have reportedly met with more players, like Jerricho Cotchery and Dan Skuta but they haven’t made any moves to sign these players.

With less than a month to go before the draft, the Chiefs may just be taking inventory of some possible targets that could be on the market for a while so that if the team still feels it needs depth after the draft, they can quickly move on some of the players they have already interviewed.

In an interview with Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star Wednesday, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel seemed to indicated that the Chiefs may indeed be standing pat until after the draft. Crennel told Teicher that the Chiefs felt they were heading into the draft without many holes and that they would have the ability to draft the best player available and not necessarily for need. When asked about potential free agent nose tackles, Crennel said the team had talked with a couple of potential candidates but that they plan to wait until after the draft to make any moves.

There could still be a stray signing if the Chiefs think they are getting a good deal but I wouldn’t be shocked if the team was done adding players until after they get their new crop of rookies and undrafted free agents. With most of the teams holes filled, the Chiefs will have a really good idea of where they need to add depth and competition once they’ve added the young guys.

What do you think Addicts? Are the Chiefs in good enough shape to wait until after the draft to add any more free agents or are there still players available you think they should grab now?