Dwayne Bowe Won’t Get The Madden Curse


Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe will not be the recipient of the dreaded Madden NFL cover curse.

The Chiefs WR represented the team in EA’s annual

popularity contest

fan vote for the next Madden cover athlete. For the second year running, EA decided to do an NCAA Tournament style bracket vote. Bowe was matched up against Lions WR Calvin Johnson. Bowe received only 8 percent of the vote.

I don’t mind Bowe not moving on in the tournament. Not because I believe in the curse but because I don’t think he did anything last season to deserve making the cover of Madden.

I’m a big Madden player and I think this whole fan vote thing is the worst idea EA ever had. It is now merely a popularity contest and not necessarily an honor to grace the cover of Madden. I always thought what made the Madden cover cool was that you never had any idea who was going to be on it. It was often a player who looked to be the next big NFL star.