Chiefs Dine With LSU DT Michael Brockers


The Kansas City Chiefs reportedly had dinner with former LSU DT Michael Brockers last night.

Brockers is a really interesting prospect and is a player who could potentially play inside in a 4-3, as well as DE in a 3-4. There is even a possibility of him moving to NT. Brockers added weight before the combine and came in at 322, however at 6-6, he doesn’t have the frame of your average nose. Brockers is very tall and incredibly fit.

The general consensus among scouts seems to be that Brockers would be best suited as a 3-4 DE. He is very strong, plays the run well and flashes some pass rushing ability. Some scouting reports I’ve read indicate that Brockers may be a bit raw and might not be a player that will make an impact right away, however they all seem to agree that his potential is All-Pro high.

Brockers projects to be around when the Chiefs pick, though many mocks have him going in the 17-21 range. Scott Pioli has shown he’ll reach for a defensive lineman before so while he might consider doing it again at #11, he may also be looking to trade back.

Scouting report on Michael Brockers.

The interesting part of this, of course, is that the Chiefs don’t technically have a big need at DE with Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson and Allen Bailey in the fold. This could be an indication that the Chiefs aren’t thrilled with Dorsey and/or Jackson. It could also be a money/fit thing. Dorsey is probably best suited to play DT in a 4-3 and he was not drafted by Pioli. Jackson had been a huge disappointment until last season when he emerged as one of the league’s better run stuffing DE’s. The problem is that both Jackson and Dorsey are very expensive. It could be possible that Pioli is maneuvering to replace one or both of these guys.

We’ll have to keep an eye on KC’s interest in DE’s moving forward.

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