Paul Soliai Being Targeted By Kansas City Chiefs


NFL Free Agency 2012 edition begins in less than four hours and we are now hearing a report from Pro Football Talk that the Kansas City Chiefs could be targeting NT Paul Soliai.

Soliai has been a popular name in Chiefs Nation lately, as quality NT’s are hard to come by, especially for Kansas City. The Chiefs have been in need of a NT since Scott Pioli arrived in Kansas City but the team hasn’t seemed to be too interested in filling the position. After years of stop-gap players, perhaps 2012 is when the Chiefs finally get their man.

According to the report, Soliai is drawing interest from a number of teams including the Dolphins, Broncos, Falcons, 49ers, Patriots and Colts. That is a pretty competitive market. However, the teams in the running for Peyton Manning, like the Broncos and Dolphins, may have to hold off on making any big signings until they know where they stand with #18.

The Chiefs normally don’t make any bold moves out of the gate in free agency, usually preferring to let other teams over-spend and set the market. Still, the Chiefs have fewer needs than ever this season but the needs they do have are big ones. If Kansas City can plug their NT position with Soliai and their RT slot with Eric Winston, released yesterday by the Texans, they’d be well on their way to solidifying most of their starting positions, giving them greater flexibility in the NFL Draft.

If the Chiefs hope to land one or more of these big fish, however, they’ll have to break from tradition by spending money and spending it fast.

Scott Pioli, time to earn your paycheck.