Cowboys, Redskins Stripped Of Cap Space By League


The NFL has stripped the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys of significant cap space as a penalty for deliberately dumping salaries in 2011 during the uncapped year. I’m not exactly sure what the rule was and I really don’t care. The basics are that Dallas and Washington tried to cheat the system and they got caught.

Seems to be a lot of that happening lately.

Anyway, what it means for the Chiefs is that they get an extra $1.6 million in cap space because the money taken away from the Cowboys and Redskins doesn’t just go away.

The Cowboys are getting whacked for $10 million and the Redskins, who just traded away a bunch of picks for the No. 2 pick in the Draft and who have visions of acquiring WR Vincent Jackson in free agency, got hit for, wait for this, $36 million.

Clark Hunt has to be sweating bullets about all this cap space. What in the name of Peyton Manning (we are contractually obligated to mention Manning in every article until he signs) are the Chiefs going to do with it all?