Colts Will Release Peyton Manning


And so it begins.

It is being widely reported that the Indianapolis Colts will release Peyton Manning. The team will officially announce the move tomorrow in a press conference. When Manning will officially be released and will hit the market, remains to be seen. I would assume it will happen quite quickly. If the decision has been made, there is no reason to delay. Hell, the Colts may have already turned in the paper work.

As we’ve been saying, this is going to be a free agent frenzy the likes of which we have never seen. Manning is the biggest name QB to hit the market….ever.  Situations like this just don’t happen. Not with Hall of Fame QB’s.

On the surface, I see three teams that should realistically go after Manning. The Dolphins, the Redskins and the Chiefs. Other teams could jump in the mix and probably will, including the New York Jets.

I am biased but I think the Chiefs offer the best situation for Manning. They have a team that is equally as good, if not better than the Dolphins. The Redskins suck and Dan Snyder is crazy so rule them out. The Jets have a good team but Rex Ryan is kind of off-putting and I don’t see Peyton going in for the media circus that will be “Eli and Peyton Take New York.”

Really I would say that it comes down to the Dolphins and Chiefs. Miami has a solid team, nice weather and Manning has a house down there. The only problem with the Dolphins, is that they play in the AFC East. Manning will have to go through the Patriots and the Jets just to get to the playoffs.

In the AFC West, with the Chiefs, a full strength Manning could win the division easily. KC has solid receivers, a great running game and what will likely be a top ten defense. What isn’t to like?

Buckle up Addicts. Things are about to get very interesting.