Peyton Manning To Chiefs Talk Heating Up

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The unfortunate server issues we’ve been having have caused us to be a bit late on this but there are rumors flying all over the place right now that the Chiefs are interested in Peyton Manning.

Like really interested.

It all started with Mike Florio going on Doug Gottlieb’s radio show saying that he had a feeling Manning would end up in Kansas City. This was apparently just Florio’s opinion so no smoke, no fire, right?

But then Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports dumped a bucket of gasoline on some dry wood and took a blow torch to the situation. From Twitter:

“Hearing the #chiefs and tom condon have spoken twice abt peyton manning. Told financials a good fit for kc. We shall see what happens”

Condon is Manning’s agent.

First of all, what Fescoe is suggesting is tampering. Manning is under contract with the Colts and no NFL team is able to talk to the player or his agent about potential job opportunities. Should the Colts file a tempering charge against the Chiefs and should the league investigate and find the Chiefs guilty, KC could have to serve up some draft picks to Indy.

Tampering is a fairly common occurrence in the NFL, especially at the Combine. Still, teams need to be sneaky about it because of the obvious chances of getting caught. I wouldn’t be surprised if half a dozen teams are currently guilty of tampering with Peyton Manning.

Nick Wright, also of 610 Sports, has also indicated that he is hearing that Manning to the Chiefs is a very real possibility.

What are we to think? Is this just merely a 610 Sports ratings grab? Maybe. Maybe not.

Pro Football Talk also followed up on all this talk by reporting Fescoe’s tweet.

Manning makes sense for the Chiefs for various reasons. They have more than enough cap space, a relatively strong defense, a great young running back in Jamaal Charles, and competent receivers (who’d look a lot better with Peyton Manning throwing the passes). Last year, even after Charles, safety Eric Berry, and tight end Tony Moeaki were lost early to torn ACLs, the Chiefs pulled it together and nearly pulled off a second straight AFC West title.

The Colts have two weeks to decide what to do with Manning, as he is owed a $28 million bonus on March 8th. Since they can’t trade him, the Colts will either have to pay Manning or release him. In which case, he would become the biggest free agent…ever.

Alright, let’s get this discussion started!

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