Pioli Indicates Dwayne Bowe Will Be Back With Chiefs


Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli stopped by The Boarder Patrol this morning on 810 Sports. He has plenty of interesting things to say about the Stanford Routt signing and the future of Brandon Carr.

He also talked about the Chiefs’ other big name free agent-to-be, Dwayne Bowe. In fact, when asked about the WR, it seemed Pioli nearly misspoke and said that one way or another, Bowe would be back in KC. Here is the actual quote:

“One way or another we’d love to have Dwayne back here as a Chief,” Pioli said.

What that quote doesn’t show is that after he said “one way or another” Pioli hesitated before saying “we’d love to have Dwayne back here as a Chief.”

Before he corrected himself, I thought for sure Pioli was going to say “one way or another, we’re going to have Dwayne back next season,” meaning that “one way” is a long term deal and “another” is the franchise tag.

If that was indeed what Pioli was going to say, it is good that he caught himself. While I am sure the Chiefs have a plan in regards to retaining Bowe, Pioli doesn’t want to make any promises he may not be able to keep. Anything can happen between now and the deadline for the franchise tag and Pioli doesn’t make a habit of making predictions or guarantees.

Still, it was great to hear the GM sound so sure that Bowe would be back.

What do you think Addicts? Is Bowe guaranteed to return and if so, will it be on a franchise tag or a long term contract?