Chiefs Make Daboll Hire Official


The Kansas City Chiefs have officially hired Brian Daboll as their offensive coordinator.

We told you over the weekend that multiple sources were reporting the hire. The Chiefs then quickly released a statement confirming that they were “in negotiations” with Daboll. The team likely didn’t want to make the hire official to steal any thunder from the Super Bowl, something the league frowns upon.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the news leaked out. I hope for the sake of all the candy wrappers at Arrowhead that the leak came from Daboll’s camp.

Anyway, the Chiefs tweeted out that the hire is official.

Now on to the quote bonanza and love-fest.

“Brian is a fine football coach and offensive mind,” said Head Coach Romeo Crennel. “I worked with him when he was a young coach in New England and I am proud of the way his career has developed. We had a very thorough process for this position and it was clear to me that Brian was the right choice. He was coveted by multiple teams and I am glad he will be joining our staff.”

I heard of not one other team interviewing Daboll. Just saying.

“This is a great opportunity,” Daboll said. “After meeting with Romeo, it was clear to me Kansas City was a good fit. I have a lot of respect for Romeo and a strong appreciation for the Kansas City Chiefs franchise. Romeo and I have similar ideas on the direction of the program and we have a good core group of players to get started with. I’m ready to get in as soon as possible and start working to be a part of something special.”

Let’s just hope that “core group” includes one Dwayne Bowe.