KC Chiefs Coaching Hire Could Come Today


If I were a betting man I would put some green down on the Kansas City Chiefs announcing Romeo Crennel as their new head coach today.

The news leaked out over the weekend that the Chiefs were planning to remove the interim tag from Crennel. In fact, I heard one analyst on NFL.com (I think it was Michael Lombardi) say that Crennel was already on the phone talking to potential staffers.

Once the news broke, the Chiefs rushed to put out an announcement that they has made no official decision. The team wasn’t likely to make the announcement over the weekend so as not to anger the league by taking away from the playoffs (like the Chiefs hiring a coach would do that) but it was kind of strange that the Chiefs were so keen to declare that they hadn’t made a decision yet. I am not really sure why the team felt the need to even bother trying to squash the reports but as Big Matt said on AA Radio last night, “they do it because it helps them win football games.”

Regardless of the PR Department’s media manipulation, we very well could hear today that Crennel is the guy. The sooner the Chiefs make the move official, the sooner they can get to the business of firing any Haley assistants Crennel no longer wants around. They can also move out into the open (well, as out in the open as Chiefs front office moves can be) with their likely search for an offensive coordinator.

I get the sense that the Chiefs want to move swiftly with all this. It makes sense. The team isn’t likely looking at this move a drastic change. While there may be some big changes, hiring Crennel doesn’t signal a rebuild but a reboot. The last thing the Chiefs need to do is waste a bunch of time hiring coaches when they have contracts to negotiate and free agents to target.