Not That The Point Needs To Be Made…


…but I’m going to make it anyway.

Patriots: Tom Brady, 6th round
Ravens: Joe Flacco, 1st round
Texans: Schaub most of the year, 3rd rounder (traded for, with two 2nds); TJ Yates, 5th round
Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, 1st round
Broncos: Tim Tebow, 1st round
Bengals: Andy Dalton, the very top of the 2nd

Packers: Aaron Rodgers, 1st round
49ers: Alex Smith, 1st round
Saints: Drew Brees, very top of the 2nd (acquired as a free agent)
Falcons: Matt Ryan, 1st round
Lions: Matt Stafford, 1st round
Giants: Eli Manning, 1st round

Are you listening, Scott Pioli?  Romeo Crennel?

If you want to take this team to the Super Bowl, you need to make a Super Bowl caliber move for a QB.

  • Picking up QB Peyton Manning (1st round) when he hits free agency?  Super Bowl move.
  • Trading away the farm to acquire Robert Griffin III?  As much as I hate that idea, it’s a Super Bowl move.
  • Staying put at the #11 or #12 overall draft pick and reaching for Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles, or Brandon Weeden?  Bad move, but it bears the mark of a Super Bowl move.
  • Trading for Green Bay backup QB Matt Flynn (7th round)?  He’s a good player, but history doesn’t dictate that to be a Super Bowl move.

And, lest we forget:

  • Trotting out Matt Cassel (7th round) or Kyle Orton (4th round) as the starter next season?  Definitely not a Super Bowl move.

Time to go fishing, Pioli.