Steve Spagnuolo, Raheem Morris And Bill Polian All Fired


It’s Black Monday in the NFL and guys are getting canned all across the league.

Things got kicked off with Steve Spagnuolo being fired in St. Louis. Though the Rams had a pretty good season last year, the team has only won 10 games in the three years he has been the head coach. The team finished 2-14.

In Tampa, the Bucs got rid of Raheem Morris. I am not sure I like this move. The Bucs won 10 games last year and are a very young team. Unfortunately for Morris, the team lost 10 in a row this year and that is pretty hard to recover from. There were also some issues with Morris being a little bit immature and abrasive with the media. Sound familiar?

Lastly, Jim Caldwell has survived in Indianapolis, at least for now. His boss, however, GM Bill Poilian, was sent packing. Have to say I agree with this. This is the same guy who cut Ryan Lilja (I still think Lilja is a good player) and had absolutely no depth on a team without Peyton Manning.

Bill’s brother Chris, who was the vice chairman, was also fired.

That is the damage so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of more heads roll before it is all said and done. I’m keeping an eye on Caldwell and our buddy Norv Turner in San Diego.