Chiefs vs. Broncos: Inactives


The Kansas City Chiefs have released their inactives for today’s season finale against the Denver Broncos.

Here is the damage:

4 Palko, 47 McGraw, 70 Mims, 83 Urban, 85 O’Connell, 90 Bair, 95 Powe

Interesting to see Palko inactive. Both Palko and Urban are “Haley” guys. Guess that tells us what Romeo thinks of them. I am also guessing that with Reshard Langford playing like he has cement blocks for shoes that Crennel wants to have Donald Washington available.

Also note that Powe is inactive. This tells me that Romeo must not be all that impressed with him so far. It doesn’t mean that Powe isn’t going to improve but it is a pretty sure sign that Crennel just doesn’t think he is ready.

Lastly, as expected, Jon McGraw is inactive with a high ankle sprain. McGraw may have played his last game as a Chief.

Denver’s inactives after the jump.

Denver’s Inactives:

20 Dawkins, 40 Sylvester, 53 Mohammad, 65 Ramirez, 76 Hills, 80 J. Thomas, 95 Harvey

Always good to see Dawkins out of the lineup. I’ll take it.