What If Jamaal Charles Never Got Hurt?


How would the 2011 Kansas City Chiefs season had turned out if Jamaal Charles had never gotten hurt?

It is a fair question. Charles has a tremendous impact on any game he plays in. He makes the QBs job easier. He makes the receivers’ job easier. He is a homerun threat every time he touches the football.

Eric Berry is great and Toney Moeaki is a big help to the offense but Charles is the type of player that can win the team a game all on his own.

I decided to take a look at KC’s schedule to determine which losses I think Charles would have made the biggest impact in.

Check it out, after the jump.


Charles played in this game but it didn’t matter. The Chiefs were getting spanked, thanks to Todd Haley’s genius preseason plan of not getting his players ready to play.

KC lost 41-7 but JC averaged 5.6 yards per carry with his ten touches.

No Impact.


Another game the Chiefs got smoked in. Charles had two carries for 27 yards in this one. He got injured but even had he stayed he probably wouldn’t have been able to help. Thanks, Todd.

No Impact.

San Diego

The Chiefs lost this game by three points. They had finally snapped out of their preseason funk and started playing better defense. The offense struggled behind the terrifying rushing attack of Thomas Jones. (14 carries for 2.2 yards per pop). 

The Chargers were playing like crap. If Charles plays, I think the Chiefs score at least one more TD.

Chiefs win 24-20.


The Chiefs got shocked in this one 31-3. I doubt Charles makes much of a difference. KC got out-coached in this one.


Chiefs lost this one 17-10 when the Broncos barely passed. Charles would have made a big difference here in my opinion. KC’s offense struggled and Cassel got harassed most of the day. This is the game Cassel got injured in. You could argue that if Charles played that probably wouldn’t have happened. Cassel got hurt at the end of the game, trying to desperately bring KC back.

Chiefs win 23-17




I think the Chiefs win this game easily if Charles played. Why? Because they almost won with Tyler Palko playing QB.

Chiefs win 23-13


KC got spanked pretty good in this one but a big reason was because of their offensive futility. Might Charles have made a big difference here? Probably, but the Chiefs lost too badly to say he would have helped them win.


Yeah, I’m going to say the Chiefs win this one with Charles. They moved the ball pretty well against the Raiders but they couldn’t punch it in. Charles makes at least one of those FG’s a TD.

Chiefs win 17-13

If my calculations are correct, the addition of Charles would have been good for four more victories. That means the Chiefs would currently be 10-5. With season sweeps of the Chargers and Raiders, the division would already be in the bag for KC.

And Todd Haley would still have a job.

Obviously this is just a guess. Charles may have helped the team win some more games but it is possible he could have helped them lose games as well. A costly fumble in one of the team’s other close games could have had an impact as well.

Still, it is interesting to think about.

What say you, Addicts? If Jamaal Charles played the entire season to this point, what would KC’s record be?