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Jason Whitlock Begins Lobbying To Replace John Gruden On MNF


Kevin Acee of the San Diego Tribune reported tonight that Jon Gruden plans to return to coaching in 2012.

Almost immediately, our old friend Jason Whitlock began lobbying on Twitter for Gruden’s Monday Night Football job.

"@WhitlockJason Jason WhitlockWho would you like to see replace Chucky on MNF: 1. Whitlock; 2. Big Sexy; 3. Jason; 4. Spearmint’s Rhino; 5. Me."

"WhitlockJasonJason WhitlockI coveted 2 jobs as a kid: 1. columnist at Chicago Tribune replacing Royko; 2. Loud-mouth on MNF replacing Cosell. (I’m going 0-fer-2)"

Is Whitlock just joking? Who knows. I do know he is a pretty calculating guy and if he is saying on Twitter that he wants the job, there is probably some small kernel of truth to it.

They’ll never hire him of course but it is fun to think about. How would you like to hear Whitlock yucking it up on ESPN? He would probably work in “the refs are racist” as much as Gruden does “I like that guy.”