NFL Power Rankings: AFC West Review


The folks over at have released their weekly NFL Power Rankings.

Leading the way for the AFC West are the Denver Broncos. Despite their loss to the New England Patriots last week, the Tebows only dropped two spots from #9 to #11.

A few slots behind them are the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have been pretty miserable all year but in NFL circles, they are tradionally given 10 times more credit than they deserve. To their credit, the Chargers have won three in a row, including an impressive victory over the Baltimore Ravens. San Diego is sitting at #14, up four slots from last week.

Next up is the Oakland Raiders at #19. They are down three spots from a week ago.

Bringing up the rear is our own Kansas City Chiefs. KC has the worst record in the AFC West so despite their big win over the Packers, they’re still the lowest ranked team from the West. The Chiefs are ranked #21, up three spots from a week ago.

What do you guys think? Are the rankings pretty fair?

You can see the entire list at